Will Balenciaga alway carry their CLASSIC style bags?

  1. Here's my new fear: Balenciaga will stop making the classic style (reg. hardware) bags that they always have. That someone they'll mess with the design and ruin a good thing.

    *cough "new coke" anyone? cough*

    Anyone else share my fear?
  2. they won't :smile:
  3. I too share your fear. I love the Bbag style and the excitement of the new colours each season. I love how the fundamental style remains the same.
  4. Well, not to be little miss D&G (that's doom and gloom, not Dolce e Gabbana, ;)), but I think its always possible that they could completely screw up the design. I find it better to go with a little pessimism, that way I'm not disappointed. But they way I see it is, even if they do radically change the designs, hopefully sales would drop and they'd have to go back to the classic styles we know and love. Isn't that what happened with *cough*new coke*cough*?
  5. sad to say, i did hear a rumor once that they might discontinue the moto line in the future :sad:...i can't tell you whether it's true or not, but the person who told me said it came from a reputable source...that's why i've got duplicates of some of my favorite bags :heart:
  6. I hope not! I have wondered the same thing. I love the basic moto bag!
  7. Oh my.....imagine how the resale price will skyrocket for the moto bags if they get discontinued! Better get them all now while we can!:graucho:
  8. I hope not but I can see how a designer would get tired of producing the same design every year. The only reason I can think of that this may not happen is that the moto line is still a cash machine for Balenciaga.
  9. oh I hope they don't discontinue. that would really suck :sad: but .......
    I think the moto bags really are what got Balenciaga popular and keep them profitable, if they are discontinued I bet sales will drop dramatically. Since most businesses are about $$$$ I really don't see it happening
  10. its their cash cow...so I think Moto bags will stay.
  11. don't wanna sound clueless but how long have the moto bags been around?
  12. i asked the SA for b-bag b4, cas' i was scared, and she told me at least for now, they won't. god know what will happen later...
  13. They CAN NOT do such a thing ! :nuts: im writing a protest letter to Balenciaga this minute ! :yes:
  14. I don't think that will happen, and if it does, I dont think it will happen anytime soon. Its exactly what they stated, the "classic" style, its the original style that basically started everything. How can they get rid of something that has made the brand so recognizable and popular? I really hope this doesn't happen.
  15. I can't see any reason they would discontinue their most profitable line. LV puts out the Speedy every year for decades now, sometimes with a twist or two but the classic style and shape are always available alongside. I wouldn't worry!