Will Baby Wipes Clean This?

  1. I'm thinking of buying this Speedy. The handles are already patined but also darker in the middle of the handles. Do you think baby wipes will clean them up?
  2. personally, i think it looks fine as it is. GORGEOUS patina.
  3. i agree with sophia, it looks fine to me too.. i think baby wipe will actually darken it wouldnt it?
  4. I don't think baby wipes should be used on leather...
  5. Well, when I did one of my bags, there was a lot of dirt on the handle which made it look darker than it really was. I used baby wipes and it came really clean, same patina, just clean. It didn't really darken the patina, just took the dirt off and made it nice and even. LV_Addict also used baby wipes on a couple of here bags. I'm sure she will see this and give you some tips.
  6. Search some of the older threads, put in Baby Wipes and you should get some good comparison pictures.
  7. don't!:cursing: i've used it on my pap handles and the handles had some ugly marks after wiping it off. i don't know if its just me:Push: , cause it works for others'...:sad:
  8. I got awesome results using baby wipes! They get rid of dirt and leave vachetta looking cleaner! They WILL darken VIRGIN vachetta but not the one that's as dark as the pic.
  9. I agree with Sophia I love the patina
  10. I have used baby wipes on my Manhattan since I bought it and it did not darken it and the color is pretty even. I also bought a used BH but the patina wasn't as dark and the dirt wasn't as noticable so I was just wondering if it would make much difference on this bag.

    I agree the patina is nice but I would like the color to be even. I'm sure the darker part is dirt and am hoping the baby wipes will remove it.
  11. Looking at that pic, it doesn't look dirty in the middle, it looks fine to me.
    But I tried baby wipes on my handles and at first I was petrified that it would ruin the bag, but it really cleaned up a lot of dirt and it looks SO much better now :biggrin:
  12. I used baby wipes on my Reade's handles yesterday ... they were getting a bit dirty on the underside where they lean against my arm. It worked GREAT, and didn't darken the patina at all! As long as it's really dirt darkening the patina, they work great.
  13. What type of baby wipes is everyone using here?
  14. Huggies, unscented.. :smile: and pretty much totally no-frills.
  15. I've been using the Pampers with aloe.