Will anyone buy the Lilly straw tote?

  1. Just wondered what everyone's opinion is of the Lilly tote? It's cute, but a little over the top for me. Plus, with all those hangtags, it seem like you would constantly be losing them! And my Dh would have my head on a platter for buying a $698 bag that I'm sure he would classify as
    "hidious" Here's a pic
  2. Agree with you completely. It's definitely too over the top for me. I do, however, love the striped straw even though the straw is pretty hard.
  3. I'm in love with it...and if it wasn't so damn big I'd buy it in a heart beat....but when I do the "try it on" function on coach.com the bag is just TOOOOOO big! I wish they'd make this in a smaller size!
  4. Not my style, but i'm sure it will look lovely on someone else.
  5. I don't care for it.
  6. If they had it in the smaller size I would consider it.

    I really think it is a Collector's Piece anyway...