Will and Grace...Karens bags

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  1. I love to watch the show just to see what Karen is toting around.
  2. I LOVE Karen!!! And her bags!!!
  3. She is SUCH a hoot! She and Jack make the show IMO!
  4. Agreed! I watch it every night. Have you seen the episode when they show the inside of her closet? it was just on.
  5. No, I missed that one. I would've liked to see what her closet looked like, was it huge? I love Karen and Jack, they're hilarious!
  6. Huge wasn't the word LOL. Jack and Karen could carry the show on their own. We started watching the reruns about a yr ago. Can't believe what we missed all these yrs. Classic show!
  7. I've noticed her bags too. She has some fabulous bags!
  8. LOVE karen. She is great.
  9. I like Karen too! She is just too cute!
  10. LOL Looks like I'm not the only one who's been checking out Karen's bags every week!
  11. I love Will and Grace!! Karen always cracks me up! :lol: :love:
  12. I love her! My friend has called me his "karen" since before I knew who she was :lol:
  13. Karen and jack!!!double duo..they're hilarious!!!:lol:
  14. I adore that show! I have all the episodes on DVD and was Karen Walker for Halloween one time..it was classic. I think it's b/c my friends think I laugh like her. Ahh,good times.
  15. Haha I's so love to hear your laugh!! Also I like the Anastasia Beaverhousen reference! I find that hilarious. :smile:
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