Will an iPod Touch fit in a skinny?

  1. I don't have a skinny, and imagine it wouldn't fit but the measurements on the Coach website says 4.5"X3.0", and the ipod touch is 4.3" X 2.4 X 0.31" Does anyone have both and can see if it fits? Do you think the zipper will scratch?
  2. i ve never seen a big ipod fit in a mini skinny... maybe a wristlet
  3. by the measurments it would seem so, but my fiance has a iphoone, which is the same size as the ipod touch and in no way would that thing fit in a mini skinny
  4. hmmm I don't know about the touch but the iphone is similar right? My iphone won't fit in a mini skinny!
  5. Nah, it won't fit in a mini skinny. Maybe a wristlet, but not a mini skinny.
  6. i don't think it would fit either. Even though if it could fit inside you probably won't be able to zip it and the mini skinny is kinda stiff. I'm returning mines and getting a wristlet instead. You should get that since its bigger and the strap is a big plus you can clip it inside your bag or just hold it on your wrist or if you got really skinny arms it could go on your shoulder, like mine (some wristlets can).
  7. the iphone is almost the same size as a touch, just a little bigger, and theres no way that baby is fitting in a mini skinny, so I'm assuming the touch wont either.
  8. yeah skinnys are pretty well er.. skinny and small so i'd say no, but a cute wristlet would would too!
  9. Mine Fits perfectly in the tattersall wristlet, so whichever one is the same size as that is perfect.
  10. No, it fits in a wristlet and in a card case (very tight), but not a skinny. I would love a iPhone case from coach!
  11. Thanks for all the help! Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!
  12. i really don't think so.