Will all this fit in the signature shoulder tote?

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  1. Three checkbooks, one slim envelope wallet, cell phone, keys, 1-quart size ziploc bag filled with crackers, and 1-quart size ziploc bag filled with hard candy?

    I have recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, so have to carry the crackers and hard candy with me at all times.

    I want all the items to fit loosely inside the bag.
  2. I would says yes. I carry in mine a medium makeup bag, wallet, mini skinney, keys, check book, cell, sunglasses w/ case, & still have plenty of room to spare. With all that my tote still looks alittle bit empty LOL
  3. I think so too. Their totes are big and I carry a lot of stuff and it all fits. Perhaps you can try it at the store before you buy it? That is unless you are purchasing online.
  4. that will definitely fit in the shoulder tote...you may have extra room to spare!

  5. That's true, I've done this before and the people at the store are pretty open to the idea of letting you try things out. I always want to make sure my wallet will fit in the smaller purses, and I even took my ipod in and tried it on in the store. They were great about it.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I'm thinking the soho large signature hobo would be better since it's a bigger size. Also, I don't like the fact the tote doesn't have a zipper closure. I'll be ordering it online since I don't have any stores close to me.