Will all girls end up to have a Chanel flap?

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  1. I need your opinions on the Chanel flap. I love it, no doubt, its the classic of the classics. For the price of Chanel, is it worth getting it when it's so common? I fear to spend so much on a bag, only to attend events (e.g. weddings) and to have 3 other girls having the same bag as me (except in different hardware and size). I need someone to convince me that Chanel is still worth spending on. Otherwise, I might be spending my money on Lady Dior instead where it's really less common.
  2. It's really a personal preference, and no, not all girls in the world will end up with a Chanel flap. Not all girls that are on tpf will end up with a Chanel flap, and that's a tiny subset of all girls. Not all girls/women on the Chanel boards will buy a flap. Buy what you love, and only what you love. Don't buy because someone else says to buy x, don't buy y because you think you should. Buy what makes you gasp and be excited to use. I don't use my Chanel flaps only for special occasions. I use mine to go to the beach, go to the market, go shopping, run errands, ride trains (for fun after dinner...a great thing to do, board a train with no destination other than where you get off), go on the subway, etc. My bags would get awfully lonely if I only used them for special events. I have event bags for that (some Chanel, some other brands). Spend your money where it makes the most sense to you. You're the only one you have to make happy with your purchase. (I adore Dior, and have a few of those, too)
  3. Flap might be common for tPF members but how many flaps you see on a daily basis? And why worry in the first place? You either love the flap and then you follow your passion and nurture it or you spend the money for something that would make you happier. Spending these frightening $ amounts for one bag should bring piece of mind not doubts! For myself, I am perfectly happy to carry my flaps even they might be common. I value the craftsmanship and I love the designs. I also appreciate if someone else looks good carrying Chanel flaps. I would admire and compliment these other ladies rather view them as "competition". This my philosophy...
    Dior is not my cup of tea but I would feel the same if I would love Dior and if the whole rest of the world would carry Dior. Do not have any doubts when you rock your Chanels - these are awesome bags that bring much joy into one's life!;)
  4. +1000 well said
  5. So agree with Martinibeach and Tutu.

    Chanel sells so many bags every year, it doesn't mean every girl is carrying Chanel bag.

    When you have something in mind, you tend to spot them more often. This is what my husband said to me and it was true. Before I fell in love with Chanel, I didn't see many people in Northern Calif carrying Chanel. Now I spot them more often.

    Same thing happened to me when I was on a hunt for a Celine nano.

    With BMW selling millions of cars every year, do you think it reduce the fun to drive the car? If not, why you feel the same about Chanel bags?
  6. So if you love Chanel flaps, you should still get them. I don't worry with the fact that they are becoming more common, but it annoys me the decrease in quality. If I compare my newer bags to my older ones, I can see a significant difference in quality, and this is important for me.
  7. I did ever attended a wedding and saw 3 different girls carrying chanel. I love it on them, they look great. 1 of my aunts has a chanel too. But the idea of having the same bag under a roof kinda put me away. The flaps are so common that just an hour of shopping in the major shopping st and I spotted 5 of it. I love chanel for the design, but maybe not for the craftsmenship as I heard too much about the quality issues. Tough choice to make.
  8. Wonderful advice and wisdom!

    OP - you have to buy what makes you happy! :smile:
  9. Just my two cents/ pennies worth:

    Seems like all the premium brand have similar issue about falling quality of their leather, cracking, etc... Happens to LV, prada, miu miu, balenciaga... I assume it's kinda common among these premium brands - their quality is falling to consumers expectations... Maybe some brands are still consistent but haven't read much of that.

    It's still a premium brand, afterall, how bad quality can it get? If u like it, why bother who has it?

    But that said, I once bought a Gucci crossbody bag cos I saw a (distanced) relative carrying it (pretty often) and thought it looks very pretty. So I bought one and carried it with me to one of our family gathering, boy oh boy, did she gave me that look, like, "copycat"... I saw her turned to her sister-in-law and whispered something while looking my way. Too obvious, when that sister-in-law looked my way too. That was the first and last time I used it to family gather. Later on, I find that I didn't quite liked it as much and gave it to my mum since she won't meet that particular relative of mine (husband's side). I stick to my balenciaga since then. She's (that relative) is all about monogram and recognized ( Gucci, LV)...

    I must say that even though it's my bag and my choices, but carrying the same bag as others (like this petty relative) makes me dislike the bag after a while. So I understand your concern totally.

    Balenciaga also has similar problems because their motorcycle bags are mostly the same style, city, town, work... But the difference is it's not likely to meet another person carrying it in the exact same color....
  10. If you feel this way, why not get a seasonal flap or one in a different color?

    Even though I see Chanels a lot in NYC, it doesn't stop me from using them. I love them and of the women I see on the street, it's still not a huge amount. You just see them more when shopping and in certain areas.
  11. Share your concern! Like the other reply, I also find myself like a bag less when people give me the 'copycat' look..
  12. I have in my life only seen one woman with a Chanel classic flap...I would love to own a classic flap one day:smile:. That being said I don't think it's that common.
  13. I personally have never seen anyone with a Chanel flap in my outings! The funny thing is sometimes I wish I would because I'd love to admire another fellow flap lover. I am not sure if attending a more formal event will change that, but I wouldn't mind at all. As long as our whole ensemble doesn't match I'm good, lol

    If you love the style/design of the bag & it will make you happy, then get it regardless of who has it.
  14. I do feel like all girls will have or wants a chanel classic flap, they may say don't don't want it now I'm sure if one was given as a gift, they would love it. I have girl friends who doesn't have a classic flap, but it is always on the back of their minds to get one. I have a chanel classic flap in all the size (except maxi) and i really don't use it, heck I don't even really like it that much (it's too girly girly with the woven chains) but I got it, just to have it and because of price increases. The chanel boy is more my style.
    If your goal is not to look like everyone else, and have a bag that can use more often and not only to special occasions, I think you should go with the Lady dior.