Will Ali be too big for me?

  1. I am currently hunting a black leather Ali, and it occurred to me that she may be too big and I don't want to buy her and get her all the way here only to find out I don't love her as much in real life as I do online :drool:

    I'm 5'3" and have a ahem "full figure" (size 8). Is she going to be too big for me? Is there anyone out there with similar height/weight that could post pics with their Ali and show me what I am getting myself into?

  2. I own two Ali's but have no picture modeling her. Look in this thread and you will find some modeling pictures. The Ali is a great bag and I would get the black before it sells out.

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    This is a picture of Entheos modeling her Ali's. I do believe that that she is a petite gal.

    Entheos, I hope that you don't mind me moving your pictures.

  3. I currently have a Large Soho Hobo (in my siggy) and a patchwork shoulder tote (for vacations or day trips where I have to lug a lot of junk with me). Where does the Ali fall in those sizes, closer to the shoulder tote, or closer to the Hobo, or right in the middle?

    Thanks for the pics, that does help some!
  4. as an Ali owner, i think it's small. i had a sig stripe shoulder tote, and i would say it's about that size. here's a pic of it between a Large Carly and a Pleated hobo.


    i can fit my beauty case, wallet, and sometimes my LV pochette inside with no problems.
  5. Ali by no means is a large bag. It is just a medium sized bag. I fit my Legacy Wristlet, Legacy French Purse Wallet, small agenda and some papers in and a magazine
    as well. I can fit way more in my large Ergo Hobo.
  6. Not to big at all!!!!!
  7. I would go for it. I don't think it would be too big at all.
  8. Bah I don't think the Ali is that big at all. I think it's taller then the shoulder bag but that's the only thing I noticed when I compared the two. I still could only fit the same amount that I could fit in the shoulder bag with room on top to throw maybe a small umbrella or something. =) I think you'd wear it well!
  9. The ali looks big in photos but in real life, it really isn't that big. It does hold a lot which is great but I'm sure it won't look silly on you. I say go for it!
  10. It's a medium sized bag...GO FOR IT!!! Black leather Ali rules!
  11. First of all, I don't think a size 8 qualifies as a "full figure." And no, I don't think Ali will be too big. I'm barely 5' and about a 14 and she's not too much for me.
  12. :shame: Well, put it this way, I've got what my mom jokingly refers to as "ghetto booty" and after 2 c-secs, my tummy is shot, so no belly shirts for me. Everywhere else is right "normal" I guess.

    So Ali isn't as big as she looks? Good, cuz I've got one day left on an eBay bid for a black leather Ali and I hope I win her!
  13. Here's mine. I am 5'3" 108 lbs, size 0 and it is not too big for me. It is about the size of the shoulder tote.
  14. OMG awesome visual! THANK YOU! I am SOOO gonna be rocking the Ali!!!
  15. I'm 5'3" 130# size 6ish . . . I do not find Ali overwhelming at all. Remember she looks large stuffed. She relaxes with your accessories in it.

    :idea:I read somewhere some celebrity saying when choosing a bag if it's wider than her torso she won't use it. Perhaps that's a good tip! Hip to hip I'm 15-16" Ali is 13" Sounds good to me!

    I also have a large Metallic optic hobo 15" across great easy size because it slouches.
    The major difference would be the depth of the bottom of Ali is 5-3/4"-6"

    of course GOOOOOOD LUCK!