Will Accessories Pochette a good Choice?

  1. It is the first day of school..................pretty fun though, and I found that I really need a small bag to put my little stuff such as cell phone, lip balm, lotion, keys and a pen.....
    There are some options(according to the official site),but I really like the damier azur because and it seems like only the accessories pochette is about the right size of bag I am looking for. Is it good enough to be a small bag goes along with a big bag for school? (I ordered the neverfull GM as my school bag and I am getting it tomorrow..........so excited!!!!!:yahoo:)
  2. ID, go form Damier Ebene poche. acc.!! its verrry low-maintenance
  3. My azur speedy 30 has held up well. If it gets dirty, you wipe it off because it is the same canvas material as the other bags. The only thing you do have to be careful of is denim transfer. I do have some of that on the corners.
  4. I love the mini pouchette. cute little chain and the size is perfect, would look great your neverfull.
  5. The mini pochette is gorgeous, I'd pick a damier pochette accessoires though because I'm partial to the low-maintenance-ness of damier!
  6. Pochette would be a great small bag to hold what you listed :tup: I plan on using my mini pochette for school, as I only need to put my cellphone and cles in there.
  7. I think it would be perfect!!!
  8. Accessories Pochette is great.
  9. I definitely think the Pochette is a good idea, now you just need to decide which one you want! Im getting an Azur one for my bday, I suggest that, or regular ebene Damier:smile:
  10. Most of the pochette accessories are about the same size, unless you go with the smaller one. I think the damier azur is a great choice!
  11. Oh my.........I shouldn't go searching for more style:cry:. I am having a hard time to make a deceion between epi lilac and from eBay and damier azur from eLux at this point (for sure I will get the other one in the future:graucho:). Please help me out!!!! my head hurts!!!
  12. pochette accesories is very nice, I just got one myself 2 weeks ago. really love it.

    now i'm thinking of getting another one in damier azur just for a change of color
  13. i think either the pochette or the mini pochette would be good for what you listed! Why not get the monogram to match your neverfull??
  14. Mini pochette would be a great pick.