Will A4 books fit in a keepall 45?

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  1. Hi there, I know the dimensions that the LV website gives for the keepall 45, but can any owners tell me if the base is big enough to comfortably accommodate an A4 size book? Thanks for the help:smile:
  2. I can fit A4 perfectly in my Speedy 40. An A4 folder does not fit, but a KA45 is definitely big enough for that! =)
  3. Thank you! So it won't like distort the base's edges or look awkward? Planning on using it for work, that's why...:smile:
  4. It is...the base is 45 and the heigh is pretty big so I am sure it can fit into the keepall without distorting.,.if u want to be extra sure, u can try it at the boutique:smile: