Will a scarf soften over time?

  1. So I got my scarf last night- it's absolutely beautiful and I love it, but the silk seems so thick/stiff. It's a lot less "floppy" (for a lack of a better word) than the other scarves I have. Will it soften over time or something? I'm having trouble gettign it to lay nicely- when I tie it, the tied ends kind of stick out at weird angles instead of falling down nicely. :s
  2. Yes, it will soften with time.
  3. thanks HG. I was hoping someone would say that- if not, I would almost be tempted to return it. :wtf:

    any suggestions on how to wear it in the meantime that won't look too stuffy?
  4. If it's that stiff, handwashing will remove the sizing.
  5. Pictures!!! I love seeing scarf patterns!

    I have some scarves that are super soft, and others a little stiff. I just wear the stiff ones a little differently until they do soften.
  6. yeah same here, would love to see the pics...
  7. I'll try to post pictures tonight. My MIL is in town though so I'm not sure how much time I'll have.
  8. what determines why some are stiff and some aren't? my hermes scarf is slippery, squishy thick - but not stiff.
  9. Even though I am an Hermes fan, I like the feeling of Ferragamo scarves much better. They seem "silkier" and less stiff.
  10. It could be the different dyes? I know with yarn different colors of dye can make the same fiber stiffer or softer. Or maybe some just have more sizing? :shrugs:
  11. My SA told me once that the darker the scarf (or the more dye, or something like that), the stiffer it is. Well, he didn't exactly use the word "stiff", lol, but less supple and soft. I was playing with a couple of mousseline ones at the time so maybe it only applies to mousseline?:shrugs:

    ETA: Didn't see your post CB until now:smile:) Yeah, I reckon the dyes make some difference.
  12. I wash the scarves (non-plisse) by hand, and boy, do they soften!
  13. warm or cold water? detergent of any sort?
    have you done this with a variety of different shades? like have you hand-washed dark, color-saturated designs?
  14. It's the sizing Hermes uses. It keeps the scarf stain resistant and allows it to hold its shape when first bought. They've experimented over the years with the formula. Back around 2000, I believe, they used a teflon bases sizing, so the scarves were stiffer and more stain resistant, but they couldn't hold a knot properly.
  15. Thanks HG! I think the sizing makes a big difference. I have L'Atlantide by Annie Faivre, which is from '95 or '96 and it's really stiff in comparison to my other scarves!

    HH, I just went and handwashed said stiff scarf. It's very dark and colour-saturated, well, it has a black background and mostly gold and some reds, greens in the centre. First time handwashing an H scarf but I figured, bugger it, I need to do something it's just so stiff! I used my detergent for delicates, in cool water. Turned out fine so far. Well, they was no colour run or anything, no shrinkage that I can see atm.. it's all wet and is drying out flat.