Will A/R sale include Bbag?

  1. Plan to have my first Bbag. After researching here for over two months, I'd prefer to get a city with a more conventional color, e.g. black, brown, white, etc. Since A/R will start a sale online soon, does anyone know if it will include any city? In fact I didn't see Bbag at their website at all. Their web is kind of hard to navigate, esp. for a rookie like me. :smile:

    Thanks a million!
  2. A/R doesn't sell online. You have to call or email them for their inventory. You will rarely see a city on sale anywhere but you can get some of those neutral colors that you mentioned (especially white) for less than retail sometimes at diabro.net.
  3. Just looked. They have white for less than retail.
  4. Allisonfaye, thanks a lot! I guess I'll email A/R. It doesn't hurt just to ask. I'd prefer a darker color, but if they don't have any on sale, I'll go Dabro.com.

    btw, is that your daughter carry a Bbag? It's so cute!
  5. ^don't think bbags go on sale online except for the 3% membership discount. diabro.net is the better bet if you want deeper discounts. i got my white city from diabro mostly for this reason. you could try their ivory bags - they're going for a song.
  6. just got an email reply from AR re sale and their current stock for city and first:

    Dear Jesslyn,

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately Balenciaga is excluded from our sale.

    We currently have the following styles/colors available.
    First $995—White, Plomb, Mogano, Rouille, Tabac, Ivore, Vert Foret, Vert Deau, Café, Anthracite, Bordeaux, Marron, Sapin

    City $1195—Tabac, Mogano, Ivory, Vert Foret, Vert Deau,

    Giant City $1595
    Fall/Winter Giant Silver Hardware —Black, Plomb, Bleu, Mogano, Tabac, Ivory, Jaune D’or, Rouge
    Spring/Summer Giant Gold Hardware —Black, Truffe, White, Anthracite
  7. Diabro does give a better discount on certain bbags, but remember that you'll have to pay customs duty/tax.
  8. I was just there on holiday in Hawaii, and I picked up a red bowling bag from AR for $592 on sale - they had a small pile of bowling and mini bowling for sale if anyone is interested...
  9. ^but that's only when you're at the store, eh? i can only order online. v grateful for your post! cos i was actually considering the bowling bag at retail! anyway, i've decided it's too casual looking.

    shipping is chargeable, too. but the cost is rather low, and the costs are tiered according to the weight of the bags.
  10. Hi glossie, does Diabro ship the bags in the white Balenciaga box? TIA :smile:
  11. I have a grenat mini bowling and love the style. It's a shame that you can only purchase these bags at the store but for anyone who is lucky enough to live in Hawaii or be visiting Hawaii and is interested, the colors that AR has on sale for the mini bowling are rouge vif, black, greige and white (?) and for the bowling are rouge vif, black and sapin. Good luck!