will a python bag be ok for everyday use?

  1. i purchased the chain python hobo recently-- http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?cmCat=search&itemId=prod45800078 --do you think it will be ok for everyday use? im used to wearing balenciaga bags everyday which have very durable, elastic-like leather. will python wear easily and unattractivley? im hoping the more i use it, the better it looks! thats how my balenciagas are. they get broken into and are very slouchy. im wondering if the python will get flaky, dry or discolored? ??? HELP:s
  2. That is a gorgeous bag!! I definetly think its great for everyday use, I love it!
  3. I think it will be great, especially with the cold winter months coming up ahead. It sure as heck would brighten up my day!! its gorgeous, im so jealous.
  4. I think its great for everyday especially the winter! GORGEOUS!!! I hope they come back in stock soon
  5. wow i LOVE this bag..what collection is this from?? i've never seen the python fabric before!!!!! is it still available on gucci.com? i should check! but i love it and i think everyday use is great! not too flashy either and would match anything!
  6. You got a great deal on this bag! congrats! I think it will look fab!
  7. That bag is so hot!!! I don't think that you should use it for everyday though just because you wouldn't want the skin to be ruined!