Will a Papillon 26 hold all this?

  1. I want to get a Papillon and I wonder if the 26 will hold my essentuals. What I usually have in my bag is

    Wapity for a wallet
    Checkbook holder
    Slim Sephora Makeup case
    Pressed Powder

    I'm having a tough time finding pics of gals wearing the 26 too! The 30 seems to be more common it looks like but I wonder if I need to go bigger? Thanks!
  2. YES... I had the 26 and loved it and still miss her. I also use to own the blossom papillon. I have never seen the 30 IRL. Good Luck and sorry I no longer own this bag or I would take modeling pics for you.
  3. here is Karma's pap 26.. HTH's
  4. Oh that Is nice, I worry about the really short strap tho. I've just been going back and forth between the 26 and 30! Such a tough choice! Thanks for the pic!