Will a Neverfull without pochette lose it's full warranty?

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  1. And it's a small item, so it won't take up a lot of space The only reason why I was thinking about selling mine is that it's a limited edition Neverfull. So the pochette is probably not robust enough (because of the print) to serve as a catchall inside the bag, which is the only function I can see for it. But now I'm going to keep it.
  2. I bought a neverfull gm and two months after having it. Only used two times I noticed glazing defect on one of the handles. I took it to the store and right away they offered to exchange it but since i had sold my pochette they couldn't do it even tho i insisted that they couldn't just keep the pochette that came with the new bag. So it was sent off for repair #lessonlearned!
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  3. Ouch, that's painful! Well, at least you will get it fixed for free. :smile: