Will a Neverfull without pochette lose it's full warranty?

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  1. One of the reasons I like buying from Louis Vuitton is their phantastic after sales service. When the glazing of my Pochette Metis peeled off I immediately was handed a new one, when my Favorite developped "the crease" I was offered the choice between an exchange and a store credit, no questions asked. Both times I had brought the faulty bags in for inspection, and of course they were then kept there.

    Now I bought a limited Edition Neverfull, and I'm thinking about selling the pochette. I'm wondering, though, what might happen if that Neverfull should also develop a flaw. Do I run the risk of not being able to return it then because a part of it will be missing?

    I know that many people sell their Neverfull pochettes, so if somebody has been in that situation I would love to hear about their experience!
  2. There is no “warranty” per se on Louis Vuitton handbags. However, it is the company’s policy to exchange or repair bags that show premature wear and tear (or that are defective) within the first year after purchase. LV will occasionally do the same for older bags as well. It’s always a case by case situation that requires the item to be assessed by an LV employee at a store (and sometimes be shipped to be assessed by the repair department). For example, my SA mentioned that LV will exchange a bag with cracked canvas within five years after purchase.

    That being said, missing the NF pouch would not affect the way you would be treated if you needed any kind of aftersales service. Like you, I have received excellent aftersales service at LV over the years. This is one of the reasons that always brings me back to the brand.
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  3. Thank you for your reply! I don't know if 'warranty' is the right word (I wish my English was as impeccable as yours!), but in my country (Germany) consumer rights allow a buyer to make a claim within two years after purchase if a defect caused by material or production should occur. The buyer then has the right to demand either repair or exchange. If both is not possible, which In the case of limited edition items could easily happen, the seller must refund the purchase price. In that case, and also in the case of an exchange, the seller can and usually will ask for the faulty item to be returned.
    Which makes sense, of course, but if I sell the pochette I would not be able to return the full purchase, therefore my worry that a refund could be rightfully denied...
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  4. in that case then you may need to keep the pouch as if it's a insurance.
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    A 300+ € insurance. But yes, I'm afraid you're right.
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  6. If you needed to give the bag back to them for store credit, they would ask for the pochette.
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  7. Thank you. And that's a very nice bag in your avatar!
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  8. Getting a repair without the pochette shouldn't be a problem. Like others have said, a full return or credit needs everything it came with. That would be like buying a pair of boots and thinking you could just tap dance your way back into Saks for a return with them in a old grocery bag and a receipt in your hand. Funny as hell, but ain't gonna fly lol!
  9. I'm not talking about a return. I'm talking about consumer rights in case of a defect. (These may or may not be affected by missing parts, but I'm pretty sure that the bag in which a faulty item is brought in for a claim has no legal effects at all.)
  10. thanks for reminding me that I should use it!
  11. If the warranty period is two years, perhaps you could consider selling the pochette at that point?
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  12. Different countries have different laws that protect consumers (Europe is much better at that than in the US sadly, especially with the current torpedoing of the Consumer Protection Agency). However, you still have to prove your case one way or an other, which is difficult, especially against a huge entity like LVMH. How does one prove that a bag is supposed to last three years and not two years? It can get really tricky. Anyways, in most cases, LV will try to help if something goes wrong. That’s part of their strategy to foster a long-term relationship with the consumer.
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  13. Honestly, I think if you did bring the bag in due to a defect you’d have to have the pochette with it. They’d probably ask you where it was. Of course, theres always the chance you could get an SA that doesn’t care and puts an exchange through. Crazier things have happened!
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  14. Thank you. I think that's what I will need to do.

    Yes, I know, we are very lucky!

    That's my assumption too. I only was wondering, since so many people seem to sell their pochettes right away, if they all knew something that I don't know with regard to Louis Vuitton's policy concerning missing parts. But probably all those people are simply optimists...
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  15. I think it's more that most countries don't have the kind of consumer protections that you do.

    I'm keeping my pochette; I don't know what I'll use it for yet (I'm saving my NF for spring since it's DA), but I think I think I might come to regret getting rid of it, so I'll keep them a set.
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