Will a Multi Function Wallet fit in a Demi bag and...

  1. will a demi fit nicely in a Sig stripe tote?

    I kind of bought my items backwards! LOL! I just got a multi-function wallet and want to pick up a demi bag but am not sure if there will be enough room in there? I also want the Demi to fit nicely into a Sig Stripe tote with room for bottle of water, fruit, paperwork, book etc. Thanks!
  2. Is it the zip around accordian wallet? I don't think it will fit in a demi. But a demi should fit in a sig stripe tote. And the wallet for that matter!
  3. Oh! Yeah, that just might fit!
  4. Awesome! Thanks so much! Now I am off to seach for the skull and red lips charms!
  5. I know it sounds bad, but I always have my sig. stripe demi black/black with me because I use it as my junk/cosmetic bag.

    I fell in love with the black/black hard and I found a demi brand new on eBay for $100, shortly after it came out, so I jumped on it.

    However I realized that I didn't "really" have a need for the demi. So that's when I decided to use it as a junk I don't want falling all over the bottom of my bag, case. I think it works great. And I can make a justification for the purchase much easier because I'm always using it. :p

    And the sig. stripe demi is much bigger than some of the old demis and it fits into a lot of my different coach bags.
  6. Thanks! I just need the Demi for my quick grab and go to the store, and it will fit in the tote for the I need everything haul! Sounds like it will work out well! I just returned 2 of my Charlie Lapson bags I recently purchased to get a tote and a demi!