Will a monogram groom pochette cles look good hanging on a speedy 25?

  1. hi gals! one of my girlfriends will be going to europe and i was thinking of asking her to buy me a mono groom pochette cles? will it be too big hanging on a speedy 25? ;)
  2. i think it should be fine..

    i feel like i've seen other lovely tpf-er share their pics of speedy+groom cles, but im couldnt recall whether its 25 or 30
  3. oooh... who was that? i need to talk to her here.. heehee
  4. I will look stunnning- go for it!!:yes:
  5. It will look great!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i agree with the girls, it would look fabulous.....
  7. Yes :yes::yes:
  8. If you look in the following thread, there is a picture of my best friend's Speedy 25 with the groom cles hanging off of it. Hope that helps!
  9. Yes!
  10. thanks everyone! for all the replies! ;)

    which thread would this be? :confused1: ;) :shame:
  11. :yes:
  12. I think it would look really cute!
  13. It would look great!
  14. Mr Posh, it really looks stunning!!! any ideas how much the pochette cles retails in france? oh yeah, this is stupid but how is the "cles" pronounced? hehe! just wanna make sure.

    Thanks for all the replies gals! :smile: