Will a Mac be practical for me?

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  1. Everyone here has always given me good advice on some of my dillema's and I'm coming back for more! :biggrin:

    So, I have a fairly new (a little over a year old) Toshiba Satellite laptop. My brother is entering his senior year of high school and he really does not care too much for laptops. He has a desktop for when he's home and now my parents are thinking of getting him a laptop (he is a part of a hockey program so for a few months out of the year, he isn't at home).

    I, on the other hand, is going into my second year of Uni and they gave me the option of giving my brother the laptop and in return will help me on the difference of the depreciated price for a new laptop.

    I am a marketing - Communications student and I don't do a lot of web design or anything. However, I do have presentations and some that requires basic knowledge of photoshop for some marketing projects.

    I was thinking of getting a Apple Laptop. I hear really good things about their customer service, reliability, and functionality. But, I don't know how practical (as I don't do a lot of design work) it would be for me and how hard it would be for me to adjust. I'm not a big computer person, so I wouldn't know much of the specs. But could use your help in telling me what's the difference between using windows and a mac. I do a lot of papers so I what could I be using in replacement of Word?

    Thanks for all the input! I really appreciate it!
  2. Why would you even need a new laptop if yours is only a year old?

    Aside from that, I'm 95% anti Mac. I really feel that everything you need to do a computer can be done just as easy and with the same reliability as a Mac only cheaper. I don't care that it's pretty or everything begins with a lowercase "i". Also, contrary to what people think Mac's aren't any better at graphic design. They indeed used to be, but at this point, it's a false argument. Basically, try the Mac out...and ask yourself which fits you better. If you're just a casual user, who doesn't think to worry about virus protection and adware, then go for a Mac. They're really for users who mostly care about how pretty it is, how cool the little stand by light looks, how cool they look when using it...oh, and that it works the majority of the time. I, on the other hand, like to have a bit of control over my PC. Change the video card, the memory, the processor, etc etc, and I'd rather set up my own virus protection, so I stick with my PC. It's done everything I've ever needed it to do...for hundreds less than a Mac.
  3. You can find Neoffice that is the same as Microsoft office but it's free as it's opensource.
    I have an iBook and I promised my self I won't buy anything else than Apple for the future. It's great!
  4. Forget to say: the customer service is AMAZING but I'm talking about italian one, don't know for US.
    Anyway my BF's iPod did work one day and after 2 he had it back home perfectly working and no more problems! I love Apple!! :smile:
  5. I don't NEED a new laptop. But like I said, my brother is in need of one. He could care less of what he has. So he doesn't mind taking over my used laptop and I can find a new one for school. Either way a new laptop will be bought in the near future, and if there was something else better out there that would be practical for me I would definitely invest in it. I at least have the money to get something different, where he doesn't.

    Just want to see what's out there.

    More opinions on Mac users or any other that you could recommend thanks!
  6. My Mac has NEVER crashed in all its life. I have NEVER lost a file. You don't have so many troubles about virus.
    It's like saying why buying a Vuitton or Chanel bag if you can have a 1 US dollar bag that let you bring things with you like the Chanel and the Vuitton...
  7. I love macs! This is coming from someone who used PC's for most of their life. Then last year I wandered into the Apple Store bored and came out with a 17'' Macbook Pro. It is AMAZING! There is so much less lag than my PCs and the startup time is so fast. The interface looks cooler IMO and contrary to what I thought in the beginning it was really easy to adjust.

    A lot of programs can still be used on a mac. I have MS Office on here and can send and receive word files to and from people with PC. And you can still "right click" with ctrl + click so you don't really lose much there either.

    Its only been a year, but since then I have purchased 6 macs for my home (not because they broke, but because they rock!!! lol) and a couple for other people in my life in need of new computers but not sure if mac was for them. You need to try it to see if it fits your lifestyle but it has been amazing in mine.

    I am also a person who likes cute little things, like the F12 brings you to this gadget screen that has a dictionary, sports scores etc...which actually might not be imporant since Vista came out and has something similar in the sidebar.

    I am not a heavy graphic designer either but PS seems to start faster on my mac as does almost everything else. I also have a less than 6 month old vaio windows Vista business laptop and if I had to put that against the mac, the mac would take all IMO.

    So go try a mac out, at least if its not for you you'll know first hand :smile:
  8. You can do that also with a Mac... but it's more difficult to know how to do rather than a Pc...
  9. Putting on boxing gloves for such an ignorant statement!!!! Especially the part about Mac users only getting them for the looks. I guess you know how I personally think and my reasons for buying a computer? I am a dumb female and couldn't possible choose anything as complex as a computer based on more than looks? I wonder if any PCs come with a makeup case cause I think I might of changed my mind just cause one might come with lipstick. In fact, I am surprised I could figure out how to turn on a computer seeing as I am so superficial. Yesterday I learned to chew gum and walk at the same time. It's been a tough ride.

    I have several Macs from laptop to desktops and compared to PCs there is no contest. Why are PC users so angry with Mac? Is it the fact that PCs are always getting whatever virus is going around? I think it's an angry virus from the fact they you always have to take them in for repairs. Macs don't get 99.9% of viruses out there, they laugh at them! . They are more cost effective since they don't break nearly as often. On top of that, Windows just came out with the innovative Vista, which is a blatant copy of Mac operating system that's been around for years!
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. i LOVE my ibookG4. i used windows for over 10 years - it would crash, give me error messages and i was always afraid of a virus. we mac lovers can try and convince you but the best way to know what it is like is to go to an apple store, talk to a really good
    SA and have him show you all the features that make it easy and fun.
    they will let you play with it - try it and see how you like it. as for learning the OS - it doesn't take long and you can get a "how to book" or go for the sessions that apple offers. also, as a student, you qualify for a discount on getting the windows Word pkg. for mac.
    if you do a search, you will find that there are old threads on this subject.
    i would never go back to windows - EVER! :tup:
  12. I am a hard core Mac user, but not because of the graphics programs. I purchased my first Mac in 1989 and I have never purchased a PC since. I feel they are very intuitive, easy to use, and in all my years of using them I have never had a virus (because Macs are immune).

    And you can continue using Word on a Mac as well for your papers.
  13. Honestly, I wasn't implying that AT ALL. It wasn't a shot at women, rather the trendy "look at me, I'm cool cause I own a Mac" crew. ;)
    And I'm not angry. If you really feel that it's worth the extra money, then by all means, go for it. I've had my PC for years now, slowly upgrading as needed and it's perfectly fine for what I need it to do. Internet, downloading, light database development and graphic development. The only time I need to restart is sometimes I lose connection to the net, and I haven't taken the time to figure out why...cause really, it doesn't happen enough to make me upset. I've never taken my PC into the shop either, but that's cause I can usually figure out the issue whereas the typical user might not. How many average users know how to completely rebuild a Mac??

    Like I said...if you want something simple to use with not a lot of fuss, yet it's a bit locked down as far as software and upgrading, then go for the Mac. I like to tinker and DL new stuff and hacks for my PC. I do my own upgrades and troubleshooting, so I have a PC.

    I simply don't think a Mac is better.
  14. So Alicefromitaly, lorihmatthews and shanam did you get your optional brain function kit when you bought your Macs? Mine taught me the big yellow one is the sun don't ya know?
  15. Overreact much?