Will a classic flap ever cease to be classic?

  1. I was wondering…
    Will a quilted Chanel flap bag always be classic and timeless, regardless of the color/size?
    I’ve seen some vintage Chanels (quilted, but not in the flap style) that look very “old-timey”.
    I would like to think of the flaps as being long-term beauties, and hope this is actually the case.
    What do you all think? If I want something ageless, is it safer to stick mainly to black flaps, or does anything go?
  2. The Flap will ALWAYS be Classic IMO.
  3. To answer your question...NO.
  4. I agree. I think it will always epitomize what the Chanel line is about.... simple but oh so elegant.
  5. NEVER...that's why every bag lover needs one!
  6. "The Flap will ALWAYS be Classic IMO."
    I wholeheartedly agree. Its been that way for a long time.
  7. I think it will always be a classic.
  8. I hope it will always look in style.
  9. IMHO, the simpler the style, the longer it will withstand trends.
  10. I totally agree with everyone who said that it will always be a classic.
  11. For sure - it's been around for over 50 years now! It will alwasy be a classic - one of my top 5 bags in a collection.
  12. agree, its classic and am going to keep them forever. who knows my future daughters would want them one day :wlae: and also thats the reason why i dont mind paying heaps of $$ for this classic :heart:
  13. Yes, I totally agree it is a timeless classic. I recently fell in love with this bag. I love the Jumbo it is a great day bag.
  14. the classic flap is definitely timeless and will never cease to be a classic.
    imo, the only thing that makes bags "old timer"-ish is the length of the strap.
  15. the classic flap will ALWAYS be a classic... so classic!