Will a CDC bracelet look chic or silly on a somewhat mature woman?

  1. Just wondering whether anyone near 50 is wearing the Collier de Chien bracelet. Is it too punky for a fairly conservative, not so young woman---or does it add just enough playful mischief to be chic?
  2. pampered, I'm not near 50, I passed it ages ago!!

    Yes, I would definitely wear it!

    Age brings freedom of expression:cutesy: and yes, playful mischief is a great way to put it.
  3. Well I'm 43 and have my 2d one on it's way to me lol!! My kids hate them and my dh loves them -- I feel very unique wearing it and not concerned about what others think so much! This coming from someone who btw is wearing a skull scarf today lol -- friends and dh not liking at all lol!! Oh well! BTW if you check out the "taking it slow" thread...SoCal just posted a few new pics of some!
  4. Not age...personality. I wish I could carry one off, but I couldn't even have done so in my twenties. I love them... go for it!
  5. Simple answer, pampered. If you try one on and it feels right, it's as easy as that. You'll know right away if it's silly or sensational.
  6. Go for it pampered1!!
  7. Chic, chic, chic!!!
  8. Wear it! It all comes down to wether YOU like it or not.
  9. True :yes: I saw a lady, must have been in her late 50s try and buy a white one in Paris, I could tell it was going to suit her; she looked edgy and sharp.
  10. i agree with everyone here - if it suits your style, it suits your style. age has nothing to do with it. and for what it's worth, the quality of hermes suits a mature woman especially well.

    oh, and ps, just consider - if not now, when.
  11. Hi Heels, you have just given me my new mantra!
  12. :welcome:
  13. Amen! HiHeels you inspire me with your wise words!
  14. I have seen a CDC bracelet on one of our very young Member of Parliament (Eunice Olsen), and she looked so chic wearing it. I can't pull it off.
  15. :blush: