Will a Birkin 35cm suffice for a 2-day trip?

  1. I'll be heading to Singapore next friday nite (joining my DH as he's going to have a business meeting there) and back home on Sunday morning. Am thinking whether I should take my BJ 35cm Birkin abroad (none of my H bags have ever travelled). Do you think it's enough to put:

    1 small wash bag
    1 thin clutch for dinner
    1 thin jersey dress + leggings (to change the look for night time)
    1 set of undergarment & night gown
    1 set of swimwear (or should I abandon the idea of swimming?)
    1 pair of flip flops for pool / spa

    Coz this time I'm not taking the kids along so perhaps I can try to travel with style, please help me decide! Thank you all tPFers!
  2. I would just bring another carry one bag or check another bag instead of using your 35cm as luggage...use it as a bag.
  3. ^^ita.
  4. You could probably fit all those items into a 35cm.....but would you want to?Hopefully, you're allowed 2 carry-ons. Plus now-a-days, your'e very limited as far as carrying on toilettries so you may have to check those items in. Personally, I would want my Birkin (hypothetically speaking, since I don't have one.......yet) protected when travelling. Bring a lite tote to hold your clothes and flip flops and a separate one to hold your Birkin.:yes:
  5. Bring another carry-on with your 35cm birkin. You don't want to stuff your birkin and also, you might buy something and will need the space to bring it home.
  6. Depending how 'light' you would like to travel. You could do it. The comment about bringing along cosmetics .. you may indeed want to check in a bag... I find it such a hassle to bring small bottles of things and put it in a zipbag.... I used to love travel light, but nowadays I always check a bag.
  7. I agree with everyone. And if you stuff your Birkin with clothes, you will have to dig inside to get your wallet out in the airport for I.D., tickets, money etc. several times. It's not safe to have it on top for easy access.
  8. You should be able to bring another bag (such as a Longchamp Pliage for instance) and put the stuff in there. While I think that you could fit all the stuff in the Birkin, I agree with encore hermes that it would be a pain in the neck to dig for your wallet, passport, etc. Use your Birkin as a bag and put literature, etc. in there.
  9. I second Hello! Its the perfect size for fashion mags and tattletale rags... stuff you can dump when you're done and lighten your bag. And a tote is a gret idea, so you stay organized and can switch back and forth once you check in to your hotel.
  10. LOL, I am exactly the opposite! I love how the new regulations make me *focus* on what I take. Before those regulations I would bring half my bathroom (and I am a confessed shampoo/soap/lotion/whathaveyou addict. My bathroom is bursting at the seams, LOL!). NOW I really have to economize. I collect and wash out little containers for shampoo that you find in hotels and put my lotions and tonics in there. Plus I have toothpaste and deodorant and handcreme en miniature! So cute! I am so, so proud of myself when I am packed for a trip and can bring all my little goodies in their ziploc bag!
  11. ^^I'm with hello on this one - if I have no restrictions, I use way too much room. After one trip coming back from Italy (with new Gucci boots and shoes, new leather jacket, and a bunch of other clothes), my bag went to PERU!! I got it back intact and with nothing missing, but it was a PITA and stressful. The last two times I went abroad, I didn't check any luggage, just brought a rolling bag and another carry-on. But when I drive anywhere, even just for a weekend, I end up filling up my car with a million suitcases and overnight bags:nogood:
  12. I wouldn't use my birkins as travel bags. I kind of doubt you could fit that stuff in there, along with wallet, cosmetic bag etc.

  13. You will have to learn me how you are doing this :smile: Each time they would take out my stuff... even a simple nose spray or my kids coughing medicine.. toothpaste... make me :cursing:. Do you buy little bottles somewhere? do you label them? what about medication? I love traveling light.
  14. Wow, that would be traveling light!! I need some lessons.....
  15. We have a drugstore chain that sells things en miniature (DM Markt). I am sure you will find it in the US too. That's where I got my handcreme, toothpaste, footcreme, deodorant, body lotion. All a lot smaller than 100 ml.
    Then I have little bottles that I took from hotels, that have shampoo, conditioner, etc in them. At Body Shop I bought some small empty containers to put some cream in. Once you start looking for them, you see them everywhere! Gets difficult with kids and medicine, I guess. I don't have kids and I don't need to take any medicine (plus I use one-day contact lenses).