Will 4 key holder fit a CC or license?

  1. I have a key card access to my place (access the parking a front door) it is the same size as a CC or license. Will this fit in the little slot in the 4 key holder?? TIA
  2. the mono 6 key holder def does.
  3. ^^ my 6-key holder fits my DL and a couple of CC. It's great!
  4. Yeah the 6 does but the 4 doesn't.
  5. Both does for me, I just tried, but the 4-key is pretty tight.
  6. ^^ can you still close the 4-key with the DL inside? which kind do you have?
  7. I have the mono 4 key holder and can barely get my DL in there-but, can't close it. I would think the 6 key would be fine though
  8. The Australian DL is the same size as a credit card, I can fit it in and close the snap button but it was very TIGHT! My 4-key is a Framboise Vernis btw. HTH!
  9. none fits in my 4-key holder :crybaby: