Will 2007 be the year of my birkin....?

  1. When do the 2007 birkin's come out? I think this could/should be the year I buy a birkin because if the letters that correspond to the year go in order 2007 should be K correct? This would be cool becuase I'm getting married next year and my "new" last name will start with a K!

    Hey whatever it take to justify dropping thousands on a handbag right;)
  2. LVLover, why not? And, how sweet about your upcoming wedding. It's so exciting.....I remember those days:yes:
  3. Go for it! Nothing but a bunch of shameless enablers around here...
  4. They started to show up in my shop around the end of January/beginning of February.
  5. LVLover!:nuts: COME! JOIN us on the dark side!!!:graucho: Congrats on your upcoming nuptials and let's hope you do find your dream Birkin!!!:yes:
  6. Ohh that is soooo a sign!!

    I think this will be m Birkin year too... might as well throw in a Kelly also!! :graucho:
  7. You just never know! And wouldn't that be awesome - your nuptial and a Birkin in the year 2007? All the best of luck LVLover!
  8. What a great year you are in for! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and good luck on your Birkin hunt!
  9. Wow what a great wedding present for yourself, You should pick it up on your honeymoon or sooner!! Good luck, hope its your year!!
  10. oooh!! congrats on ur upcoming wedding!!! how exciting!! i love that feeling and wish i could relive it all over again! i wish u all the best in finding ur birkin!! btw: i have a blue suhali le fab also!!!
  11. LVLover: Congrats on Wedding! I got married last sept and it's REALLY FUN and memorable! You are the QUEEN, everything will go your way :smile: I had soo much fun doing all my Crafts and Wedding Favors and if I have to re-do all over again, I would have still done the same.

    Enjoy your wedding planning and also sending you orange vibes for a Birkin! :drinkup:
  12. I hope it will be!!! Keep us posted girl
  13. Timing sounds perfect!
  14. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! My married last name also starts with "K" and I am adamant to get one Birkin with a K stamp! So you are not alone!
  15. Oh congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! If thats not the sign of all good things what is!!! All the best in hunting your dream birkin :smile: