Will 100% Cotton True Religion jeans stretch?

Jun 28, 2006
Hi all! Advice needed. My sizing for jeans has always been around a 24/25. More often 25. In some styles I can fit a 24... in others no. For example... I recently bought a pair of TR Bobbys in a 25 (99% cotton, 1% spandex) I tried a 24 in that style but there was NO WAY i could have gotten into them. Long story short.... I bought the jeans wore them for 4 hours and they stretched!! The were skin tight when purchased to the point where I had to do a little wiggle to get into them but now they are loose and comfy.

1 week later... I'm at Nordstroms Rack and I find a pair of TR in the Joey cut with rainbow threading in the back. It's a size 24 and marked down to $99 from $240!! I tried them on... and with MUCH effort (way more than my 1st pair) I was able to get them on BUT I was unable to button them. I would say I was 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch off. I bought them anyways thinking hey... the last pair streched out an incredible amount so... this will fit with a bit of wear.

I get home and turns out this new pair is 100% cotton. I tried them on the next morning before breakfast and with much effort was able to button them but they are a tight fit. They are low-rise so it hits right by my hip bone at the widest part. I can sit in them but not with my legs folded under me as they are also tight by the knee and calves.

So.... will these strech out a bit?? :shrugs:


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Nov 11, 2006
hehe, i had the same problem.....

i bought TR "stretch" joeys at 25, initially they were a tight fit, so i figured they'd stretch out to the size i want them to be, needless to say, they stretched out wayyyy too much. so then i bought TR bobby's and another pair of joeys at 24 but "rigid", its a struggle to get them on to a point where my bf laughs at me. but after being worn for a few hours, they are fine. sad thing is i have to go thru this everytime after the wash.


Mar 26, 2007
:lol: This sounds familiar. I wear size 24 in all jeans amd sometimes find TR to be more accomodating. However, I purchased (perhaps on impulse due to sale) a pair of Johnny's in super light vintage wash without realising they were the 100% rigid style. I struggled when I got home and by "struggled" I mean "wrangled them on whilst lying on the floor" and sucked every possible molecule of air out of my body before being able to button them up. Fortunately, they stretched (a bit) throughout the day. I think the 100% rigid styles have a smaller cut. I hope this also holds true for the Joeys in stretch, medium wash!


Nov 25, 2006
IMO ,100% cotton on TRs do stretch a lot after hours of use and shrinks back to its original shape after washing it with warm water and machine drying. In my own experience with TRs, it is actually the wash that makes the size different and 100% usually hides the bulges welll especially in the thigh area.
Aug 2, 2006
I have the rainbow TR and they do not stretch. I also bought them on sale at Nordstroms. If I loose 2 pound they should fit great. I own over 15 pairs of TR and I have found the 100% cotton to not stretch. Ands it werid some of my TR which are 99% cotton and 1% spandax are all a tad different. Some are really stretchey and others not seem to stretch must at all. So werid.