Wilkes Bashford did it to me again!

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  1. I've got to stop going there. I thought I was safe and they had all the same stuff I've seen and everybody else has and then I turn around and say, "what is this bag?". It's called the MARIA and the story they gave me is that Wilkes Bashford asked them to do an exclusive bag just for them and this is what they did. We'll see if it doesn't appear in a month or so everywhere. You never know how true these stories are. It is 17" wide at the bottom, 14" wide at the top, 12 tall and 6" deep at the bottom tapering to 2" at the top. It has a detachable shoulder strap which I will probably never use. It is $2300 and they have 2 more. There are only 4 stores. Just in case, the number is 1-650-322-7080. Ask for Errika or Chris. I think I need a spanking :shame: Of course I then celebated my find with an afternoon Margarita alfresca. Ahhh, California living :P I know I'm a brat, sorry :shame: Wish you were there!!

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  2. Very sweet Bichon Lover!!! Is this #27? :P I dig it!!! :girlsigh: :love:

  3. Thanks dsrk, I think it's # 26 because I sold one recently, but I'm sure #27 won't be far away. OMG, I'm so in need of professional help....:crybaby: but in the mean time :woohoo::tispy::cloud9:
  4. Congrats!
  5. Oh Bichon...that is a LOVELY bag!!!

    You know what angers me...I was just in San Francisco a couple weekends ago and didn't realize any of these places carried Jimmy Choo. Sadness!

    Enjoy your new bag...it is fantastic! :smile:
  6. You are having way too much fun! Don't make me come join you!!!!:tup:

  7. Oh come on, why not, you don't live that far from SF as far as I can tell :P We could have a gay old time and enable each other :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :heart:
  8. 26!!! I would say you are having fun! Congratulations on the new bag!

  9. That's a bummer MicheleS , The next time you're in the city, just down at Union Square and down the street from there at San Francisco Center, you can find Choo at Nordstrom, JC Boutique in Bloomingdales, Saks, NM and Wilkes Bashford and probably Barneys too. Hopefully you're close enough to go back and weren't on a vacation from somewhere far away :heart:
  10. Congrats!! Great bag. I like the detachable shoulder strap option.
  11. Oh, I forgot, brain freeze. I emailed a pic of the Maria to SF Choo Boutique and asked if they knew of this bag and got the reply that they have it in black calf and cognac patent (anybody seen cognac patent?). So much for the exclusive unless it was only made in the black patent for Wilkes (or not) :confused1: Who knows, anyhow I :heart: it. SF says it's a new addition to the Morse family (never heard that term before either). So why is it nowhere to be seen in their catalog??:shrugs: I give up... And there's no cognac patent shown either unless I'm blind....
  12. I'm just in Southern California so not far away at all. A weekend trip to SFO is definitely doable. ;)

    I have a cognac liquid patent and suede Maddy. Could it be the same color? :confused1:
  13. Beautiful bag!
  14. Congratulations! I have seen the Maria in black calf at Nordies. But, no patent version there. I think you may be right, as far as the patent version being an exclusive.