Wildwood, New Jersey????

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  1. hahahhahaaa... so its not Maui or Greece or San Tropez... but im going to Wildwood, NJ for a week with my friends.. all we can afford..

    anyone have any good tips about daytime/beach/nightlife events?

    thanks :tup:
  2. Never been, but I can't help but think of Bruce Springsteen and the boardwalk when I think of Wildwood.

    Have fun!
  3. wildwood is very nice, i havent been there in years...its laid back.
  4. I lived in NJ for ~14 years and I've never been to Wildwood!!! :crybaby:

    We always went to LBI overnight and local beaches or Point Pleasant for daytrips. Sorry I can't help :shame:
  5. Im sorry i am no help, i usually go to Spring Lake or LBI. But there should be pretty good bars and such down there and there is a big boardwalk with rides. Your also pretty close to AC if you have rain one day you can go throw your money away in the casinos
  6. ahh brings back memories...when I was young my parents took us there every year, but I havent been there in a while..
  7. I usually stay in OCEAN CITY...wildwood has fun stuff to do as well....
  8. Jill,
    We went to Ocean City the last 2 years, so we decided to change it up a bit. It was incredible, Crab Trap was the best!