Wildlife Sightings - SF

  1. Mods, If this is not in the right place, please move.

    I was just wondering if anyone was in Cafe Mocca on Maidenway lane this afternoon. I saw TWO Birkins and a Kelly. I made eye contact with all three ladies. Funny thing is, Hermes was closed.

    Is Hermes always closed on Sundays or is it some special day?!

    Cheers! :yes:
  2. No Hermes is not open on Sundays...i think the only exception is Las Vegas...but I may be mistaken....isn't Maiden Lane the street with the Diptyque and the FLW building? And isn't H like 7 stores away?
    ooooooh Louis you are lucky to be in SF.......
    but it wasn't me............
  3. Hermes is also open on Sundays in December for the Christmas holiday
  4. Good to know..Oh well..I had fun at Burberry instead!

    I saw a black birkin and kelly and a red one too.
    Black Birkin lady was with her husband..
    Red with a friend
  5. I bet it was one of our ladies! We really need a secret code/password/phrase or something so if you suspect it's another PFer, you can ask without making a fool of yourself.... hmmm.....
  6. lol - the ladies were probably wondering why you were staring at their purses.

    no offense but i hardly blame them. i'm used to other women checking out my handbags. otherwise you never know what the guy's intentions are... especially these days.

    unless they're either skillfully trained by a TPF member or play for the "other" team...
  7. btw, i meant no harm w/ the last statement.
  8. So.........what did you find at Burberry?????

  9. you could just walk by rattling your tPF keychain...
  10. Still waiting for my tPF keychain to arrive, wonder if anyone has gotten theirs already?
  11. Well the lady with the Black Birkin...I made eye contact with her and then to the purse..and then back to her. I totally like nonchalantly whipped out the Ulysees and starting writing something.

    Well SoCal..since you asked.. I'm going to an underwear party this weekend and picked up a pair of Burberry boxers and matching socks. Expensive outfit for a party but I'll look hot!
  12. he he he, maybe that should be our code, we should whip out the ulysses when we see a suspected TPF member.


  13. What ever happened to toga parties? I can go as Atia and you can go as Octavian!
  14. I could go as Hermes !

  15. Borrow one of HG's barenia thongs