Wildlife Hunting Success

  1. This would be short, sweet and sharp.:yes:
  2. Ooh do tell!
  3. On my most recent wildlife hunting expedition, this was the first animal I saw...

  4. EEEEKK! How gorgeous! More!
  5. Presenting, Miss Blue Iris Ostrich. 35cm. Palladium Hardware.

  6. Oooo, nice! What did you get?!!
  7. Can't wait to see that baby tomorrow!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Stunning!! Congrats on your hunt:heart:
  10. Then, came the second wildlife. Cold-blooded, this one :p......

  11. Yes! Yes!
  12. Are u kidding me?!!! There's more??? I love that shade of blue ostrich!!
  13. Wow!!!!!! I love that colour!!
  14. Oooo. some more?:drool:
  15. And now, Little Miss Vert Anis Lizard KP. Ruthenium Hardware.