Wild Women in Washington -- goodies

  1. Girls weekend has begun and the first stop was to the Hermes store in Virginia to get some goodies...:yes:
  2. wooo hoooo! take it off!!!
  3. OOOOH! Looks good - let's see more!:yahoo:
  4. Wow - a striptease!!
  5. Okay. We won't keep you in suspense because the martinis are waiting and that's important (and we have to prepare for the Oscar party on Sunday while taste-testing the martinis).

    So let's go...
  6. Here are the goodies...
    IMG_2389.jpg IMG_2394.jpg IMG_2395.jpg IMG_2396.jpg
  7. Our last batch of goodies... and now back to partying.
    IMG_2398.jpg IMG_2399.jpg
  8. Forgot one, my friend just killed me for leaving this out!:p
  9. what great goodies! action shots!
  10. oh wow! major H haul!
  11. oh my! i've been eyeing that wallet. and what gorgeous scarves! thank you.
  12. :love:
  13. beautiful, love everything!!!
  14. Love your Karo, Bearn and the Scarf..........

    Congrats....... :p
  15. Everything Is Absolutely Beautiful:heart: