Wild Orchid's Collection

  1. Here are some collection pictures. All these items are Louis Vuitton. I have been collecting since February. I will add more pictures as I get new items, but figured it was time to take an actual collection pic. I do have some small Coach items as well as items by Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Emilio Pucci which I may or may not photograph at a different time.


    A closeup of the cles and inclusions

  2. Love them ALL!!!
  3. Great pieces!
  4. Did you say you've been collecting since Feb? Wow!!
  5. You're a shopping machine! Lovely collection!
  6. Yes, :shame:. And believe me, I've been holding back. Like has been mentioned in some of the LV addict threads, if I didn't have to buy groceries I could acquire much more, lol. I know, I know, it's sad hehe.
  7. lovely bags
  8. Nice collection!!
  9. Nice. I love the Cleses. :smile:
  10. Very nice collection!!
  11. Great collection- love it!
  12. Great collection!!!!!! Love 'em all!!
  13. Nice Collection!!
  14. LVOE them!!
  15. Nice, fast growing collection! :biggrin: