Wilbury on sale??!

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  1. Does anyone know any ware besides eBay that I can find a Wilbury on sale??? I am desp.
  2. Nords Rack has them.
  3. Have you tried Off 5th?

    They have 30% off bags starting today :tup:
  4. 30% off on top of their reduced retail price yvonne? :nuts:
  5. ^^ Yup Indi! What a deal huh? :yes:
  6. ...see the problem is thhat I live in Iowa = no NR or Off 5th (or full retail stores)...
  7. Charge send?
  8. I saw a couple about a month ago at NR in Troy Mi (white leopard) and also Scottsdale Az. You could check with them for a charge send, but it's been quite some time. There are a couple on ebay right around $100.

    On a side note, my hair colorist (male) has been wearing a Mocha Dub crossbody. The Dub is a few inches larger than the Remini. It looks so hot on him! Now I want one :yes:
  9. If you find one at Off 5th, they will charge send for $13 shipping fee.
    I usually get the items within a few days :yes:
  10. umm... move out of Iowa.

    You can live on my sofa.
  11. there you go vhsethan! :tup: