Wilbury Bullseye???

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  1. Hey, does anyone know where I could find a Wilbury Bullseye bag at a good price?

    & PS Do you think it'd be a good "going out" bag in college (no clutches for me!)
  2. Are you a boy?

    I'm a boy, and you seem to always ask about the bags I own.

    I got mine from nordstrom for full price, so I cant help you there, but I will say, I live in a city and its a great bag to use for everyday things if I dont want to lug a Devon or Grantham.
  3. yep, I'm a boy!!!
    =) we must have similar styles! too bad we can't just share everything ;)
  4. Hahahha, well I think I have you outnumbered! so that wouldent be fair!

    Maybe once you get your Devon we can talk, I am looking into something rasta.

    Maybe you can chime in.

    Is it me, or would a boy look like they were toting a rainbow flag with that print? I had a rasta devon when it first came out and returned it right away thinking it was too "Gay" for me :shame:

    Needless to say, as most of you know I work in the industry, and am pretty cutting edge with my style, but is rasta too over the top?
  5. ^^ I think it just depends on the style of the bag. Boys could definitely rock the Rasta. :yes:

    And I'll keep my eyes open for a Wilbury in BE for ya Vhsethan! I saw a BE Eton and 2 BE Esquivels today but no Wilbury.
  6. ^ I agree with miss n! I think boys could definitely rock rasta also! As a matter of fact i saw a boy at disneyland who had a rasta carlisle clutch, he looked very stylish and rocker with it! :supacool:
  7. You guys should rock the Rasta....i think it would be hot!
  8. I do have a Saddle Devon! Just not Rasta. :Push:
    I have been madly searching for a Rasta Devon for ages, but the ones that turn up on eBay are so beat up =(

    I have a Rasta Westfield, I hate the small size but I do love the color and print. I have carried it a few times and get TONS of complements on it. Since it is Jamaican-esk colors I usually get complements from stoner boys and fashionable girls ... so no, I don't think you'd look like a parade! I think that if you can come across a Rasta Devon than snatch it up...or tell me?! haha.
  9. just saw one of these at the grand opening of the new saks off fifth in deer park, ny.
    not sure if they charge send, but doesn't hurt to ask.
  10. do you happen to remember the price?!
  11. I say if you love the Rasta, GET the Rasta! As long as YOU love it & feel good wearing/carrying it, you can rock anything! That's my motto!!! :woohoo:
  12. Wear whatever you want who cares what people think....Rasta is TDF!!!!