1. I apologize in advance, but I got upset today after waiting in line at ToysRUS for Nintendo Wii for over half hour. By the time it was my turn, they were sold out. And of course no one knows when they will get more in..So I turn to you my purseforum pals, if anyone who knows someone at toysrus, nintendo world, gamestop or anywhere else, i would love to purchase 2 Nintendo Wii consoles which are $240. Anyone help?
    Again, i apologize for placing this thread here.
    thanks in advance
  2. I purchased mine at Target 3 weeks ago. No line. I just went straight to the electronic section and get it.

  3. how much did you pay? which target?
  4. Most likely the list price of $249.. There are plenty left in my town.
  5. OMG- I'm in the same boat, they are IMPOSSIBLE to find in Oregon. I really want one to give as a gift for Christmas, but I have had no luck finding them!
  6. I can't believe peopel are STILL looking for the Wii. When it came out after Thanksgiving last year, I was on the hunt for one for my brother for Christmas. I can't tell you how many times I found myself standing outside of a BestBuy at 3 a.m. trying to score one. Finally, after stressing myself out right up until Christmas, I gave up. I ended up buying one from someone on eBay in January, which I gave to him on his birthday at the end of that month. I paid through the nose, but at least he got it.

    So, my point is this: good luck all who are still seaching. I know it's frustrating. And I can't believe that Nintendo didn't up their production so this wouldn't happen again this year.
  7. Yep, probably in most places. I just bought one for my BIL in San Diego. I got mine at best buy (just because I was there). Nearly every store that would have one does right now I think, but that may change at the holiday nears.
  8. it's so hard to find. I called the nintendo store in nyc and apparently, they get daily shipment. so you have to come at 9am. i am going to try tomorrow morning. i hope there is no limit because i need 2. arghh. it's so stupid not to sell online..
  9. Sold out in my town all the time as well. I don't go out of my way, but I've stopped and checked every time I happen to be in a Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.

    Bought one from Japan though and had it modded.... plays fake games (1/2 are in Japanese though) which are like $3 each! woooo
  10. I just called my local target store, and they said they have been sold out for as long as they can remember. argggg

  11. Fake games are just like fake bags imho. Not good. :yucky:
  12. I am having a similar problem with a black nintendo lite, can't find one anywhere..
  13. If you are planning to line up at the Nintendo Store in NYC you should go there really early. People start lining up at 3am daily. I went there the other day at 5am. There is a limit one per customer.
  14. Try Game Spot. They might still have some left.