Wii Question

  1. Does anyone know how much Wii's are with the console and controllers? I'm seeing so many different prices and I don't want to get ripped off. TIA!
  2. i believe i paid 250 for the console with 1 controller and wii sports.
  3. Oh thanks! That's what my DH thought but today Wally Mart has it listed for $650...which seemed a bit high!
  4. ^ It might be for a "bundle" package, which means it comes with other games and stuff. For example, this one at Gamestop.com comes with the regular console, plus some games and an extra remote:

  5. The basic set of console, wii-mote and nunchuk along with the game Wii Sports is 250. Anything higher, check to see if other stuff is included. If you plan on playing with more than one person, at least more Wii-motes are recommended, which can cost upwards of 50-60 dollars. Games are about the same, depending.

    most of the time, the bundles are a really great deal overall if you're interested in having the games that they give you with it, because the price is discounted from if you bought all the items separately.

    Then again we're serious gamers and collectors of all things nintendo so we may be a bit biased lol!
  6. 250 to 275 and that comes with one controller and sports game...it shouldn't be much more then that for a bundle unless is comes with EVERYTHING in it lol
  7. At stores like Target, Fred Meyers, etc. you can get the Wii console/1 controller/1 nunchuck for 250. They are extremely hard to buy because they are sell very fast. At Walmart you can usually find a few consoles on sale because they sell for 650 with a bundle of games. I think they come with 5 or 6 games.