WII in the NYC or Long Island area?????

  1. anyone know where i can purchase a wii in the long island or nyc area? i know i've seen the game stop at the source mall in westbury carry it a few months ago..but i don't know if they still have it. anyone know of any stores that still have it? THANKS!!!!
  2. uh.. absolutley NO WHERE.. ive been hunting like high and low...

    We have to line up outside the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Center..
  3. If you can get to PA, Franklin Mills Mall has a store that has bundles with a Wii and a bunch of games for $399!...
  4. Try toys r us in times square....other than that, retailers have told the bf and i that stocking of them is spuratic. Your best bet is to call a retailer
    (taken from http://nctproductions.com/findawii/?cat=1)
    • Wal-Mart: Wednesdays
    • Circuit City: Wednesdays
    • GameStop, EB Games: Wednesdays and/or Fridays
    • Best Buy: Saturday or Sunday
    check out http://www.itrackr.com/ which is on that list.

    GOOD LUCK! :smile:
  5. It is amazing this is still a Hot item.

    I bought my DS one when they first came out, I think he has played it maybe 5 times.

    You can try:

    Game Stop
    Toys R Us
    Best Buy
    Circuit City
    Barnes And Noble
  6. the Gamestop(across Manhattan Mall) on 34 St gets new stock in occasionally. The last time the had it was 2 weeks ago. Be prepared to come in early in the morning though.
    Just call up the stores and keep checking.