Wii Guitar Hero

  1. has anyone played this? is it fun?
  2. I have played guitar hero but not on wii, my kids have it on playstation, it is fun and everyone seems to enjoy it. We had it at a staff get together, where the ages range from 25-56 and everyone wanted a turn.
  3. Yeah, I don't have it on Wii, but I've been playing Guitar Hero since it was GH1.

    I love it. I'm very good at it, if I do say so myself, and so I love challenging everyone.

    Doesn't hurt that I'm a girl and I get a sick pleasure from beating guys who are like, "Psh...are you sure you can play on Expert...?"
  4. Mine is on Playstation also..........nonstop playing, it's fun!
  5. It's addicting........too bad I suck at it :wacko:
  6. i have GH3 for PS3. i absolutely LOVE this game. its so fun and addicting. i think i may want to get rock band too.
  7. ooh!I wanna know!I wanna buy this for my daughter for WII!Let us know if u have it!
  8. I have never played this on Wii, but if it looks like a lot of fun (I don't know much about it at all) then I will consider getting it. I know that I was uncertain about DDR for the Wii (as like for the Guitar Hero game I've never played it on any other system), but once I got it I was hooked!
  9. Haven't played it yet, but it's on my list for my birthday next week! My brother has it and says it's great.
  10. We have this game on the Wii... it's fun, but I'm terrible at it. My nephew is getting pretty good, but he plays almost every day. My cousin and my sister are getting soooo addicted to it. They want to get up to expert level soon, but I don't think it'll happen for awhile.. lol. It's fun to watch others play too!
  11. I totally rock it! We have it for 360, I cream my hubby and brother all the time. We have already pre-ordered Rock Band I'm so pumped!!!
  12. My husband has it on Wii and spends hours playing it. I've never played it though.
  13. my bf loves guitar hero. he has it on the playstation..hes obsessive about it. i on the other hand am not too fond of it. lol. im so terrible at it and havent been getting any better..only more annoyed :p
  14. I have it on Wii and my brothers have it on PS3. It's so addicting! :biggrin: I suck at it though.
  15. My nephews have Guitar Hero2 on PS2 and they love it!
    I tried it and I was no good at it, but it was a lot of fun!
    I got them Guitar Hero3 for Christmas.
    I'm thinking of getting it on Wii for DH.