Tech Wii Games - Any recommendations?

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  1. Boyfriend got me a brand new Nintendo Wii and I'm absolutely hooked :nuts:

    Any recommendations for good games? So far I have
    • Wii Sports
    • Gottlieb Pinball
    • and Eleedes
    which I all absolutely love. So much fun. I'm also thinking about getting Zelda:Twilight Princess tomorrow as walmart is having a big sale :shame:

    What do you have?!?! :graucho:
  2. daughter likes monkeyball....thats her fave on all her games pretty much.
  3. guitar hero is soooo fun! I would def. buy two guitars though. It is way more fun when you have two people playing at the same time.
  4. I really like Tiger Woods Golf & Super Paper Mario:party: But I still enjoy the bowling and boxing from the Wii sports disk. We had another couple over Monday evening and we old farts (40 somethings)sat and bowled for 3 hours while our teen age daughters watched TV in the other room:shame:
  5. Wii Sports (obviously), Wario Ware, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (it has become my all-time favorite Zelda game), Cooking Mama: Cook Off (it even has a head-to-head mode, so you can have your own "Iron Chef" style cooking battles), and Mario Party 8 (just got it today...awesome!)
  6. gucci fan">
    Guitar hero is playstation only...but does look fun.

    DH and I play the sports and Wiiplay and love them! Sons like Zelda too.
  7. I love Super Paper Mario! I got soo addicted!
  8. Trauma Center is real fun!

    I really want to get Mario Party!
  9. Mario smooth moves is fun.
  10. I like Wii Sports, Mario Party 8, Barnyard (E game, but really fun to play and funny to watch) and Sonic (which is hard and gets me frustrated, but fun) I hear from the BF that Circuit City has a deal on games. I want to get Wii Play too because you can't rent that from Blockbuster like the others.
  11. i have rayman:raving rabbids, wii play, wii sports, monkeyball, and wario ware. all are tons of fun. i like the mini games format, which all of these have.

    the best deal for your money is the wii play since it comes with an extra controller :smile:
  12. Rayman Raving Rabbits is my fav - hands down! This is the one game DH and I can play together without one of us getting much fun!

    Congrats on getting a Wii! It'll be loads of fun!
  13. My DH and I are obsessed with Wii Tennis. We are at a point now we are always playing against the same two Wii girls and we can't seem to beat them! I don't think we can buy another Wii game until we get those girls!:cursing:
  14. Rayman is SO FUN!!! Though the best part is the story mode, which is over all too fast :sad:. Me and my little bro beat it in 24 hours. Wario Ware is also really fun, and you get to use the Wii-mote in all sorts of wacky ways. WiiPlay is awesome (Find the Mii and the Duck Hunt game are the best) and you get to play with all your miis! And I beat Super Paper Mario. Super fun!
  15. And party!!!