Wii Console

  1. Any idea where I can buy one online for under $400?

  2. Keep on checking Amazon.com - that is where I got mine... er... my husbands (for 249 + free s/h)! We love it!

    Good luck!
  3. I really want to find one for the normal prince, but everyone seems to be trying to get $600-800 for them!!
  4. you can check out a website dedicated to tracking what stores / sites carry the wii...www.wiitracker.com. good luck
  5. target and walmart get em once in a while. And I heard that circuit city gets em in every other week (don't know if that's true though) A lot of places don't have them on the sales floor, you have to ask an associate for one. I hope you find one! I love mine to death.
  6. if you are in/near nyc you can go to nintendo world early one morning and grab one!
  7. i worked at circuit city over the summer and they get them in frequently but they sell out by sunday morning(the truck normally comes in on tues or thurs)
  8. YOur best bet is to call EB Games, GameStop, WalMart, Fry's..and ask for the exact time and date they will get a shipment and usually they will tell you the amount..which is usually only about 10 to 15 Wiis at a time. That's what we did! But seriously, we had to buy extra nunchuck, controller, memory card, charger stand..it ended up totalling around $400 and that doesn't include a single game..
    The bundles are a rip off cause the games they include are only basic games atht aren't too much fun..The real games are the ones that cost $50 or more..go figure! GL!
    My son will love Santa this year!
  9. Check the thread I started on this once in Deals & Steals (I think.) Someone recommended using itrackr (only 1.99 a month, and it doesn't auto-renew) and that's how we found one fast.
  10. Toys R Us will have a limited supply Sunday morning (12/2), also if u buy the Super Mario Galaxy game, you get 50% off another Wii game. I might go there this morning to pick one up and some games for the s/o.
  11. I just looked through some more ads and BestBuy/CircuitCity/CompUSA will have Wii's in stock. It's really hard to find any online since they sell out fast. Good luck.
  12. Also, set up Wii alert with Amazon. They will send you an email to let you know when they have them. That was how I was able to get mine.
  13. Last year the Toys R Us in times square NYC had tons and tons (in the 1,000's) Wii's shipped just about everyday to that specific store. They were doing phone orders - it was a little hard to get someone on the phone as their answering machine kept picking up and not being able to transfer to someone but if you have the patience to persist give them a call they were wonderful to me last year!!! I had my best luck reaching them early when the store opens -I think it was like a Tuesday or so, and I got one shipped UPS from them with tracking and everything. So anyone looking try giving them a call.
  14. I got one!!!! My parents and I stood outside Fry's for 2 hours and bought a big bundle pack for my boyfriend! I'm so happy I didn't have to buy one off eBay or craigslist.

    Thanks for all your help!
  15. What I Did To Get A Wii Was Ask The Local Target, Walmart, Etc And Ask When They Were Going To Recieve More And Got There At Store Opening And I Got One.