Wii...best at home exercise!

  1. My DH and I got one over the weekend and omg this is the best at home exercise ever invented! Totally amazing! My abs, arms, legs and back are all getting a workout!! :tup:
  2. Mine is coming end of the month! I can't wait to try it!
  3. what is this?
  4. Which game is giving you so much exercise? The boxing is the best so far.
  5. Indeed! My cousins have the Wii and a game called Rabid Rabbits or something like that.. it's a bunch of fun mini-games. I'm certain this is working out my biceps more than the gym!
  6. I love it! DH and me play tennis a lot, and I go to the gym tired :p
  7. I think the boxing is the most physically challenging Wii game (that I have anyway) but I don't use it as a replacement for an actual workout. I sometimes will go to the gym and do my weights and cardio and come back and do a few games of Boxing to finish up my workout. Also, swinging during Baseball sometimes gets me to perspire too a little!

    There is a new Wii game that should be coming out called Wii Fit. It supposedly has a "board" and you can do yoga and other excercises too. Looks pretty neat!
  8. I love the Wii!! when I first got it my buddy was aching for 1 weeks. I never knew I was so out of shape:lol:...I may look like I am, but looks may decieve you....The Wii is the best invention.
  9. I heard about the Wii-Fit game but heard it was only released in Japan? Hope it hits the States. I would love to try the yoga.