wii at toys r us

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  1. Anyone know where I can get just the system, without the games? TIA!
  2. oh i dont like bundles... thanks though.
  3. Sold out- any other options?
  4. You might want to check your Best Buy. I bought a BASIC system last week for $249 plus tax and accesorries. Of course you have to buy that stuff anyway! But I would rather picki the games I want than have them bundled.
  5. I agree with you guys. I have been looking for the console only and haven't had luck to get one yet.
  6. I heard from my cousin that nintendo are not shipping anymore WII's so if you see one buy it!
  7. you can call your local Toys R Us stores and see if they had any console only in stock. i called them yesterday, sunday at around noon and the location in mission bay, san diego has a bunch in stock!
  8. I'm a BF shopper.. and I've been going over some of the ads that have been released online.. it seems you can get a basic Wii for 250 on Black friday at FYE and Kmart on Thanksgiving day, I believe.
  9. Yeah. my friend works at Best Buy and they have a bunch of wiis in.
  10. that's retail, not a sale.
    bubblejen i don't think they would stop production on a system that has barely been out a year...
  11. I've also seen people sell them on Craig's List, if anyone is open to that option. I personally bought mine on eBay. I paid a $50+ premium for it, but it was worth it!
  12. What are these extra accessories you speak of purchasing for the Wii?? I bought one for dh for Xmas and still need to pick it up... do I need to order more to go with it??