wifeyb's beauties

  1. my coachs...
    (my wristlet looks filthy! i carried it all last summer, ick)
    i know its not much, dont worry im saving for my LV Batignolles Horizontal!
    i have over 80 other purses, no high-end designers yet :angel:
  2. your wristlet is nice an colourful!
  3. very nice!
  4. you got a good start..... welcome to the forum...
  5. Welcome to tPF!!!:flowers: Thank you for sharing your lovely collection!:smile:
  6. Cute collection:yes:
  7. that is a nice coach wristlet!!:P
  8. Cute bags, It wont be long (after being on the tPF) that you have an even more amazing collection.

    thanks for sharing,
  9. Cute!
  10. nice coaches
  11. Cute collection! You have really nice coach bags.
  12. Cute bags- Don't know anything about coach, but I really like the black one
  13. Cute collection!
  14. nice bags =)
  15. Nice!