'Wife Swop' Tragedy

  1. I sometimes watch this show,and was shocked to hear this news.:sad:

    14-year-old boy dies on TV's Wife Swap

    29th September 2006

    TV's Wife Swap is dealing with a second blow – the death of a 14-year-old boy during the programme's production.

    Daniel Reece was found dead by his mother just hours after Channel 4 had finished filming final scenes for a new series of the hit reality TV documentary.

    The boy had died in his sleep on September 5. It is thought he was struck down by the mysterious illness Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SAD).
    News of the tragedy broke yesterday – the day it was revealed shooting for another episode of Wife Swap had been halted after a female participant reported a claim of sexual assault to police.
    Daniel’s heartbroken mother, Karen, said her family – husband Darren, 38, and her three children, Stewart, 17, Daniel and nine-year-old Jessica, from a previous relationship – were delighted when they were chosen to go on the show.
    Karen went to stay with a family in Torquay for 10 days while the wife from the other family lived with the Reece's in Crewe, Cheshire.
    The 35-year-old told The Sun: "We were so excited when we were picked to go on Wife Swap, especially Daniel. After we finished filming, he went up to his room to watch television before he went to bed.
    "I remember the last thing I said to him was to turn it off because it was past his bedtime. The next morning his brother tried to wake him but he was dead. Just lying there lifeless in his bed."
    She added: "I don't know how we've coped over the past three weeks, it has been awful." The makers of Wife Swap, RDF Television, said the programme the Reece family appeared in would not be shown, as a mark of respect.
  2. Dear Lord...that breaks my heart.
  3. OMGosh, that's so sad :sad:

    I watch this show once in a while. It fascinates me how they actually get people from such completely opposite backgrounds to agree to this.
  4. wow, that's sad. Thank god it didn't happen while the other wife was watching him.
  5. That is so tragic, my heart goes out to that family.
  6. How unbelievably sad... my heart hurts for them
  7. Thats so incredibly sad..The poor family
  8. I watch the show sometimes. Very sad.
  9. Omg..That's so sad..break my heart

    I love to watch this show and I make sure my DH next to me, I just want him to see that some people has nightmare wife..
  10. i enjoyed watching this show and to hear something like that, i feel for the family, god bless the family!
  11. I use to watch Wife Swap...oh my gosh, that is just too sad.
  12. this is sooo sad.. but its said second blow.. what was the first?

    when i first read the title i thought one of the wife swap mothers did something or another.. iw as like oh my god

    but either way how sad.. may his soul rest in peace
  13. wow that's so so sad... =(
  14. That's so sad... the poor family losing their son so suddenly like that. I'm glad that they chose not to show the program.
  15. really sad.. what a tragedy it must be for the family.