Wife Swap

  1. What does everything think of this show? I'm watching one right now that involves a city dwelling woman with a woman who lives on a farm and cooks raw. Anyone seen this? Thoughts??
  2. I am watching it right now. I am getting the dry heaves watching them eat raw meat. They are a bunch of whackadoos. But I feel bad as they are really into this. The dad just fell on the floor crying.
  3. The filth they are living in is just disgusting. When she licked the floor I knew she was a fry short of a happy meal.
  4. my mouth is literally ON the FLOOR. i cannot believe how brainwashed the family is that eats raw meat and lives in complete filth.
  5. LOL....Im sorry but when that farmer dude fell to the floor I started cracking up!! LOL sorry...the whle raw food thing is kind of making me sick!! Plus did you see the state of the sink and toilet that guy just fell down in tears on??? They were FILTHY!! LOL
  6. NOW Im CRYING...In laughter.
  7. Also I love how Robert has made the overalls all stlyin..he made it his own!! For him and his boys!
  8. Oh no dont eat the raw meat girl!!!!
  9. This raw dirty family seems to be a little bit mental.
  10. Favorite quote of the show:

    "Its got a wang to it"
  11. ohmygod!

    did he just eat TWO MONTH OLD RAW MEAT?!!!!!

    i seriously don't get how they aren't sick!
  12. ok the raw meat thing is only IF YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER touches your food.
    Here in the big city, you don't know what butcher scratches himself before they handle your food.

    People who don't actually go to school to learn how PLAGUES have killed half of earlier civililiations that could have been prevented by simply washing your hands are completely IGNORANT.
  13. That little boy is going to be shooting people from a bell tower one day. That boy has major issues.
  14. Hey Selena, can I borrow a stick of butter?? I need to brush my teeth.
  15. You bring the clay I gots the butta!