Wife has another one

  1. Hello All decided to show off my wife's new bag. This forum has brought me back to LV from Gucci. I need to go on a bag ban.

    Anyone have pictures of the Hempstead?
    DSC00364.JPG DSC00361.JPG
  2. the batignolles is so cute. i was about to buy it but was a bit worried about it being so open.
  3. Rad!
  4. Gorgeous bag! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to your wife. :yahoo:
  5. i have it...its a very cute bag. No issues about it being open because since its a hand held or on my forearm (sp?) everything stays safe. Plus its structured enough so that it doesnt fall over when you set it down!
  6. congrats on your bag purchase, its so cute!
  7. congrats for your wife on the new bag.

    you'll find hampstead pics in the thread mentioned in my signature
  8. ah good to know. yes, i love this style, it is the perfect size for me, doesn't look too big or small. maybe someday i'll add it to my lil family. er...it's not so little anymore...when you see what i have to post next :graucho:...
  9. dont make us wait...post it already!!! (gheaden sorry to hijack your thread)
  10. gheaden, your DW is lucky to have show off her new Batignolles. Congrats to the both of u!
  11. nice
  12. thats so cool!

    i love that little style!
  13. I love it!
  14. Congrats to your wife and thanks for sharing.
  15. congrats!!!