Wife had a great week

  1. My wife says this has been the best week of her life....Azur Speedy 30, Azur wallet-don't remember name and Azur Poch Clefs.
  2. Lucky girl :smile:
  3. Awww Awesome purchase!! :nuts:
  4. Wow... that's one lucky lady!
  5. lucky wife!
  6. Wonderful purchases!
  7. It sounds like you've done a great job spoiling her :yes:
  8. Good job. Now go train all our hubbies.
  9. lucky lady and tell her to enjoy her purchases
  10. She is lucky indeed.
  11. Added a picture
  12. She must be SOO happy! Was it a gift from you???
  13. congrats to her!
  14. great buys and wonderful additions to her collection.
  15. ooo sexy, I think my next small purchase will be the cles, cant afford anything else! ha!