Wife Birthday - New LV Bag?

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  1. Deciding between the Palermo and Galliera GM or PM on both (will be her first LV bag). This is for her birthday so...hopefully she does not see this thread. What are your thoughts? She is 5'6" and we have two kids...possibly a third on the way. She will need the space.
  2. I prefer the Palermo....
  3. Palermo gm!
  4. Palermo. It has a zipper and structure
  5. Palermo PM is my vote. :smile:

    What a sweet hubby you are! ;)
  6. aww how sweet!!! I like the palermo!!!
  7. both bags.
    Hope she has a happy birthday!
  8. I vote for the Palermo GM :smile:
  9. Palermo :nuts:
  10. I think the palermo because it will hold more!
  11. Palermo!
  12. From what I'm gathering on this site, the Palermo GM seems a bit LARGE. The PM seems to have plenty of space too. I'll have to drop by LV or Saks this weekend. Thanks for all the feedback!
  13. ehh

    i like both. galliera pm and palermo gm ,

    i think the palermo gm for a mom will bebetter .


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  14. I vote for the Palermo.
  15. [​IMG]

    think about totally mm! it is good too..