Wierdest ebay experiences.......please share....

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  1. Hi everyone,

    We all love ebay, but it can be a strange and fearsome place at times. I thought it might be fun to share some of the more memorable transactions each of us has had with the scam artists, the opportunists, or even nice stories with the good samaritans that lurk among the ebay community. I'll start with one..

    In 2004 my boyfriend and I had four tickets to a concert that we bought on ticketmaster. The first two tickets we bought were ok, but then when we checked again, we lucked out with MUCH better seats. We decided to buy the second (better) pair also and try to sell the first pair. We put the tickets up on craigslist and also ebay. I don't think they sold the first time, but they did sell the second time and it was quite near the concert date. They were e-tickets so they were to be sent by email. Well, the day the auction ended, my computer fritzed out and we had to go to the local library to send the tickets. My boyfriend did the transaction. The people who bought the tickets confirmed that they recieved them and I thought all was well...

    Well, the concert day arrived and my boyfriend and I set off with our tickets in hand ready to enjoy the concert. When we got there and tried to get in, we were declined! We went up to the ticket counter and found out that our tickets had already been used!!! We were totally shocked!

    Finally we figured out that in the confusion of having to go to the library and send the tickets from there, my boyfriend that sent the wrong ones! He had sent them ours instead of the ones we sold them! (and the seats were clearly marked in the auction so when they bid they knew exactly what they were getting!) And those scoundrels, instead of alerting us to the mistake, took full advantage and got to the ticket venue early, and sat their fat butts in our seats thinking we wouldn't be able to get into their section (because the better seats were prime floor tickets in the 10th row or something and the ones we sold them were on the balcony)

    I was NOT pleased (to put it mildly) with my boyfriend for making that mistake and thought we were going to be relegated to the inferior seats. But he got this determined look on his face and said "Don't worry, I'll take care of this!" He went up to the counter, showed his id and the tickets we had and explained the mixup and was able to prove that he had bought all four tickets (his name was on them) and that he had to go to the floor to exchange the tickets. Somehow my BF has the gift of the gab and they let him through. When he got the "our" seats, he saw two approx 18 year olds in our seats chowing down on some fries and having a great old time. They were stunned and not thrilled to see him and sputtered out "How did you get in???" before my boyfriend made them hand over our tickets. They started whining "but these seats are better....." to which my BF replied "Yeah, but they are NOT the ones you bought!" They tried to argue but my BF said if they didn't hand them over he'd get security involved. They finally did but pleaded with BF to let them stay in the section. He said "I don't care what you do but you're not sitting in these seats and I think it was really rude to take advantage of a mistake" They didn't have anything to say to that.

    Well we sat in our seats and they hovered in the same section a few rows back for a while. My BF and i were so irritated with the whole experience that he went and told security (I know, petty, but I didn't want to look at them any more) and they were eventually asked to show their tickets and then sent up to the balc. Then we forgot about them and enjoyed the concert.

    I was pretty new to ebay then, but after that I've been way more careful with my dealings there. It was a stupid mistake on our part, but come on, who takes advantage like that! Needless to say, neither of us left feedback for that transaction, and I have not sold any more tickets on ebay! :sick:

    Any other weird ebay stories???? Do tell!
  2. My husband and I were harassed by someone on ebay for like 3 weeks. The guy originally bid on one of our auctions and then backed out after the auction had ended. Well to make a long story short...we sent him a nasty gram and reported him to ebay. He then proceeded to call our house all night long and screwed withall of our auctions. This went on forever. I was able to track down his IP address and traced it back to the college he attended and reported him. Calls stopped finally but it was sooo bad.
  3. I bid and won a bag listed on EBAY as an authentic Kooba Sienna. When it came I could immediately trhat opne of the rivet covers was missing and that it was a fake -- this was not clear to me in the listing even with good photos. (I lookeda at the photos and sure enough the rivet cover was missing in the listing photo! very tiny, but there! and the lister claims not even to have realized it) I had in the meantime purchased a real Sienna from Kooba because I wanted a particular color and was afraid it would be sold out. It was sitting here while I was trying to decide whether to keep it pending the arrival of the EBAY bag. When the EBAY bag arrived I compared side by side and wow was I amazed or should I see dismayed. For a detailed account of the differnces see my post in seller watch. -- I guess I should be glad of the missing rivet cover because if that hadn't been the case I'm not sure the seller would have agreed to refund me. I actually took side by side pictures of the real versus the fake and sent them to the seller. She said she wasn't sure what the photos meant (the differences were glaring -- not subtle -- glaring --) but she refunded me because of the rivet cover. Then -- she gets the bag back and immediately relists it (as authentic) and as of right now it is up over $200 with several more days to go!!!! So -- that's my EBAY story!!!
  4. Don't have one yet worthy of mentioning (or maybe I just can't remember) but I'm learning from reading all your experiences.
  5. I bid on a Fendi baguette. The seller either had a friend or another user id and bid again and again until they outbid me. Then this person retracted the bid, leaving my maximum bid to pay. I turned them into ebay and they ended the auction early with no one winning.

    I was curious and I found out both user id's were from NYC and they bought the same items, juicy couture, kid's videos, etc. Obviously, they either worked as a team or were the same person.
    I sent the seller a message regarding how I thought I was treated (I shouldn't have done that, but I was angry over $1000 issue). The seller sent me a message back, saying why would I send such a nasty message.
    A few months later the seller sent me a nasty email complaining she was having trouble with her paypal account. I had nothing to do with this. I sent her a message regarding my private online investigation findings and told her to "draw her own conclusions". I never heard from her again.
  6. Shill bidding is against eBay policy, and you can definitely report a seller if you suspect them of doing this ! :Push:
  7. Thanks for reminding what that was called. That's why the auction was withdrawn! Thank goodness!
  8. I bought a Prada skirt, and the seller never sent it, but sent me many many e-mails asking me to accept a refund from them and re-send the money by money order or through other non-Pay Pal wireless methods. I (of course) refused to do this. The seller then sent me a fake tracking number, saying that the skirt had been sent (of course it hadn't). This went on an on, with the same pattern repeating itself and the seller continuing to send me these obsequious e-mails, thanking me for my 'kindness' and telling me that they needed money to send their kid to summer camp. Obviously, anybody would smell a scam. I reported it as an unsent item, and was refunded all of my money. Another thing about this whole organization -- during the time that I was involved with this seller, I noticed that they were using many different ebay ids (it was obvious, they used the same ads, with the same pictures and the same spelling mistakes). I reported this to ebay, but nothing was done about it. These people are still selling on ebay, under various different ids, today. It turned me off ebay for a long while though, as it was exhausting and scary, while it was happening.
  9. I don't have any weird e-bay experiences (since I haven't bought off of them), but I've heard of weird items being sold on e-bay - some of the funniest ones include a half-eaten cheese sandwich being up for auction (and there were actually bidders, lol, they must have been bidding for laughs) and a pair of unwashed socks once owned by Paul McCartney, lol!! :lol:
  10. I think this falls under gross and disgusting ebay experiences!
  11. I sold my snowboard to a guy back in 04. After 7 days he never paid me. I filed a UPI dispute, and he replied back with, "why would
    I buy a snowboard? I only have one leg."
  12. It didn't happen to me but a few yrs ago my girlfriend Parvin used to bid on artist dolls. The average price on these dolls were about $600. To make sure she won what she wanted, she would always put in $10,000.99 as her top bid. Well, one day, someone did the same thing to her and and came in at $10,000. It took a lot of explaining to get out of that one.
  13. Varsha,
    I don't want to sound mean but i don't think what you did is right. You have made own mistake by sending them the wrong seat number and it should be considered done deal, regardless that you clearly showed in the auction the seating number the buyer is supposed to be getting. I just think its wrong that you went to harrassed the buyer and trying to salvage the whole situation which occurs through *your* own mistake.
    I am a seller on ebay and i have been faced with the same problem. I have accidentally sent out a wrong package to a buyer. I have accidentally sent out my brand new gucci shoes instead of the the used one that i am supposed to sell. I only discovered my mistake a few days later and there is nothing much i can really do. I won't go and pester the buyer to return the shoes back to me, as i felt that i have to pay for my own mistakes. Its none of the buyer fault. The buyer paid immediately and has nothing to do with my own stupidity of sending the wrong shoes. I did lose out on a couple of hundred dollars (it is a lot to me) but its the price i have to pay for my own mistake and stupidity.

    Just my two cents. :amazed:
  14. Hi Superbaby,

    I definitely made a mistake in sending the wrong tickets, but the thing that bothered me also was that, I had a lot of communication with the buyer and also, they got the tickets for half price. I also mentioned in my auction that i would be going to the concert as well and that these seats were extra. If I had been on the other end I would definitely fessed up about the tickets and maybe arranged to meet at the concert venue, to go in at the same time or something like that.

    Also, my boyfriend sent the tickets like a week ahead of time and the etickets were confusing (we had the printouts of both, but they only had the printouts of one) Also, since my boyfriend did the mistake and I was unaware of it, he felt he wanted to remedy it since I was so disapointed. One thing he pointed out to them is that they took a big risk in doing what they did because if we had gotten to the concert earlier, they wouldn't have been able to get in at all and they would have missed the whole thing. He (and I) were not mean about it, just parental, (even though were weren't old enough to be their parents!) and they were acting like kids that wanted to get away with something. We were actually talking about it yesterday and my boyfreind said he never brought up getting security involved and they handed they tickets over right away because they knew they were doing something they shouldn't. I was not there for that part of the story (I was waiting outside). Althought i have to admit, he did later report that there were extra people in the section and they did eventually have to go back to their section.

    I am always very honest as a person. I just felt taken advantage of since there was so much communication between both of us about it. I was also very new to ebay and to etickets. I guess I would have felt better if they had even said that the tickets were wrong, but because of security issues, they didn't want to trade back. In that case, I would have been dissapointed but i would have owned my mistake and chalked it up to experience. Now, that is probably what I would do. At the time, everything happened quickly and it was kind of my boyfriend's deal. I do understand your point of view Superbaby. But hey, we all make mistakes and learn from them.

    Anyway, I have 100% feedback and do always strive to have good transactions on ebay. I have had other instances that are wierd (like the time a bought a chair from someone and then he refused to ship it) and instances that have been really rewarding. I'm not really business minded but ebay has taught me to be very precise in my dealings I appreciate hearing all your stories, it's really a learning experience.
  15. Varsha, I don't see how this is a "security" issue like you've said.
    Isn't it worse if you did actually go to the concert earlier and used the 'right' tickets? If the two teenagers buyer came later, and they could not get in with the wrong e-ticket that *you* accidentally gave them ? How are they going to come in and find you guys? They would totally be unable to come in and see the concert. Its like taking their money and not giving them the product.. You guys are lucky to be able to track down the tickets as it has both of your name on it.
    It does not matter that you have lots of communication with the buyer or if the buyer has gotten them at half price or the e-ticket is confusing. Its still *your* own mistake.
    I am not saying that it is right for the buyer to take advantage of the situation but i don't see how the buyer is even able to "remedy" the situation if you guys never met before?

    Anyway, i am glad to know the two of you (buyer and seller) manage to see the concert in the end. Yes, life is a learning journey and we all learn from our mistakes.

    Did not mean to slam you. Just my two cents.

    Thanks for the verbal discussion. I am sure that you did not enjoy that experience at all. Hopefully it won't happen to any of us again! :lol: (mistakes :amuse: )