Wierdest compliment?

  1. Someone told me yesterday that I had "teddy bear" eyes.:blink:

    I took it as a compliment but I kept thinking, do I look like this to this person?:shocked:

    What was the strangest compliment (?) you ever received?
  2. Probably: "You don't look like a forensic psychologist". Uh, OK. (Please don't tell me what I DO look like".:shocked:
  3. I had my picture online my college's athletic website- and I got an email one day asking if some guy could pay me to buy my "long human hair". Those are the exact words and I still laugh/cringe when I think about it
  4. Someone once said I look like Kelly Clarkson :blink: :shocked: WHAT THE HECK??? That was indeed weird...
  5. "you look really functional... like the newest model of a sports car"

    yeah, a guy told me that in hs, and i was like, say what?! :huh:
  6. I was told I had "cow eyes." :lol:

    I suppose cows could be said to have nice eyes, but does it sound like a compliment?!? :huh:
  7. i've been told, "wow, you're really out going for a japanese girl" hehehe...:roflmfao: i guess all asians look the same????
  8. Someone told me I was very "angular".
  9. i was out in the produce section choosing oranges when some creepy old guy came up to me and said "i love the way you squeeze those oranges.. can i paint you?"
    i looked at him in horror and walked away very quickly! i buy bagged oranges now... i can never go back to handpicking them anymore! :wacko:
  10. gosh, what I have so far r so funny.. I can't believe ppl utter those lines... just hilarious... dont mean to offend u ladies, i just thought they were funny..
  11. Someone once told me I had really nice knees.
    At the time, I didn't get it and I though the guy was some weird pervert.

    Now I have a son and after 2 years of blowing off the gym-my knees are actually kind of plumpy looking.
    And when I look at old pictures of myself and my knees...NOW I get what he meant.
  12. teddy bear eyes....that means you are absolutely cute and adorable.....
  13. People and some of my friends tell me I look like this certain import model
  14. Oh yea... the other day I was volunteering at a low-income psych center, and some guy told me "You remind me of Kentucky Friend Chicken. I love KFC. Can I have *your* KFC??"

    I am not fully sure what he meant, but then again he also probably had some really serious psych disorder. It did make me smile and laugh- and feel a tad freaked out
  15. My mother always says I have a 'moon pie' face
    I guess she means it's just really round, but I think it's strange and kinda back-handed:blink: