Wiener Dogs

  1. I know there are a couple people so far, but are their any wiener dog/dachshund owners here on the purse forum?
  2. My dachshund is a mutt, so she doesn't really count, but I think she's cute... She's part beagle (or so I was told). I'll take any opportunity to post her picture, though. :smile:

  3. She has the sweetest face ever!! What a darling!
  4. aaaw, pidgeon, she's so adorable:love: What a pretty face and those cute eyes :love:
  5. She looks so happy! Too cute.
  6. Yep, look at these 2 lovlies!!
  7. Yeap!! I have two wonderful little long hair doxies. One black/tan and one Chocolate/tan. Dachshunds are the best doggies in the world!!!
  8. Two long haired weenies for me too. Bad little boys.
  9. ^^Where are the pics girls?
  10. Me! Love my babies, I have three girls (pic is in signature)
  11. okokokokokokokok! Let me try to locate a decent pic. Every time I try to resize they become very tiny.
  12. Here are my babies..
    dogs4.jpg doggie3.JPG
  13. Aww Christine your doxies are too cute. They look like they are thinking: "Is she going to make us get off the bed"?
  14. [​IMG]